Get To Know Ivybelle Teller

Where are we in life:
In life right now, I’m still recovering. There are still days I don’t want to get up in the morning because of depression and anxiety. But, I always find a reason to get up. I want to share my story with people who struggles with the same thing.

Hobbies and likes:
I love listening,playing and writing music. I love movies especially horror/thriller and Disney. I like to go for walks alone either at the beach or in the neighbourhood.
i love the outdoors and nature, something that helps me relax. i love alot of the creative stuff, making cards, writing, acting, etc…..

Something interesting about me:
i actually know 4 languages; french, english, ASL, LSQ.I’ve moved around a lot.
I lived in Quebec, Ontario and BC.

What makes you special?
Nothing. Im like every other person on this planet. I don’t have powers, im not smarter then anyone else. I have feelings like everyone else. that’s why i think i can share my stories with people, because they would relate to what i’ve been through.

Why we want to share/put this out there?
I want to share my stories with everyone all ages, because everyone needs a voice. Someone they can relate to and not feel alone. I want to share about my experiences about self-harm, mental illness, being homeless, etc… I want to help people understand, help people through hard times.

-Ivybelle Teller


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