Get To Know Lynn Rascal.

Where we are in life – I’m at the point in my life where I’m still recovering from the effects of mental abuse, but I’m not as down on myself as I used to be. I’m still not completely happy with who I am yet, but I’m not suicidal or constantly hating myself anymore.

Hobbies and Likes – My hobbies are watching anime, playing video games, drawing, voice acting from time to time, shopping for food, and trying to cook. All in all, I’m a huge nerd.
Interesting fact – I’m not sure if this is terribly interesting or not, but I’m a really good (and stubborn) rock climber.

Why we want to share/put this out there –
For wanting LGBTQIA Help and Awareness, I grew up not knowing anything about it. I had to learn about it all from people I met in school; not the school itself, but other students. The fact that I didn’t know someone could be transgender caused me to accidently hurt my younger sister for at least fifteen years. I was and still am very torn up about that and the fact I had to learn what being transgender was through a fellow transgender friend and the fact my sister had to learn through the internet made me even more upset. I felt this was something people should know, that it’s okay to feel comfortable with who you are, and the fact that a lot of people probably go through life never being justified for who they are, wether it’s sexual preference or romantic preference or gender, is something I feel needs to be fixed.

For wanting Mental Abuse Help and Awareness, it’s another personal experience. I’d rather not get into much detail on this one, so I’ll just say my mother has never had the best taste in men and after staying under the same roof as a mental abuser for at least six years, I couldn’t trust anybody, I was always scared and afraid, and my spirit was all but drained. Our father helped us by letting us move in with him, but the scars that man placed on my mind and soul are still there; I’m still very wary and afraid of almost everything and everyone and I doubt my recovery will be very quick. I want to help people with this before it gets to this point.

Who we want to help – Well, whoever I can hopefully, but I guess I’d like to help people who want to learn about LGBTQIA and people suffering from mental abuse.

Where we want this to go – As far as it can. I’m not very good at making goals, but I’d like for LGBTQIA to at least get some recognition with the school board.

  • Lynn Rascal

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