Get To Know Marie Olsson.

Through life I have been through my personal proverbial heck and back, and I decided to go through it alone. Not that I really wanted to do it alone but because I didn’t know there were resources available for me to turn to for help and I didn’t want to burden my family and friends. I spent years bottling my troubles up inside myself, which took a major toll on me. The price I paid was not just my happiness but also led to sleepless nights, eating issues, lost friendships, strained relationships with my family and many other things. Not only did I lose a lot of my friends, I hurt them too. I drank a lot to help ease the pain and one night I confided in my friend about a small portion of my life and realized that it actually helped, if only I had done so years earlier. Since that night I have been a lot more open about everything and am finally healing. I don’t want anyone to have to go through life struggles alone like I tried to. I hope to give everyone a place to go or an ear to listen to when they’re feeling down. Eventually I’d love to see us able to provide houses to provide “recovery” possibilities for many of life struggles such as sexual assault, domestic abuse, self-harm and drugs & alcohol. Along with a house for struggling young/teen parents and those expecting. I would love to run youth center and women center for them to help everyone, if I could id love for us to drop in & get the help they need or a place to unwind. Help everyone fix all their troubles. However, I know I can’t help everyone, but I’d love to be able to make a positive impact on everyone who reaches out to me for help. I want to be able to the lower Mainland Region of BC, Canada and also be able to branch out from there. I’d love to see eventually an online chat help line being a service we offer through TIME (This Is Me Entirely).

What makes me think I’m so special that I could accomplish all this? The reason I am special and know I can help others is; because I’m not special, at least no more so then you or the person closest to you. I’m just one of 7+ billion people on earth. One who hopes and dreams of helping others. I am a twenty-one year old female born and raised in Burnaby, British Columbia, and have an almost unhealthy love for coffee. I’m just completing my schooling to get my social Support Worker- Youth Specialist Diploma, and plan to go back to school to become a Social Worker or Counsellor one day.

I love reading and writing poetry and stories. My life revolves around music, it would be not the same without it. The Beatles, AC DC, Queen, AFI, Hinder and many country artists along through the said with others pump me up with the will to get through the day. I love skiing, bowling, camping and driving. However I am a complete klutz and make a fool of myself regularly. If I do decide to watch something on television chances are it is either Buffy, Sons Of Anarchy, Gilmore Girls, House or Bones. On a rare chance either those or one of my favorite movies; The Princess Bride, Grease, Amityville Horror or The Phantom Of The Opera. I believe in trying (almost) everything once.
Whether that means a jump out of a plane or really weird foods, because you never know how you feel about it until you try. I am very passionate about things that matter to me and will fight avidly for them. I’m terrible with procrastinating but also have to have everything organized to the best of my ability. To me my friends are family and my family, blood or not, come first in my life.

Saying I’m special is only really true in terms of to my family. Were all human we all excel at some things and struggle with others in life. There’s nothing wrong with being special to people, it’s a great feeling. However I know and am happy with just being special to my loved ones. Does my past make me special? No, just because I have journeyed through a different path in life then others doesn’t make me any better, worse or wiser than anyone else. We all have different hurdles we have had to conquer in life, so if mine make me special, so do yours and everyone else’s. Which brings, me back to the same place I was before an ordinary person with the dream to see others not just get around an obstacle but demolish it so they don’t struggle with it again. I love seeing people grow and overcome things. I love to see the smile, if only in their eyes knowing that even if just for today it will be alright. I love seeing people fight for things to get better and knowing even if they don’t see it they are stronger than me, just because they admitted that they can’t do it alone.

Through life I faced domestic abuse alone. I kept quiet about sexual assault. I questioned my sexuality, and what was wrong about me. I either like boys or girls, I can’t like both right? I thought maybe I was just mistaking the appreciation towards another female as something more. I struggled with hiding my teen pregnancy and then the sorrow of miscarrying at six months. I didn’t reach out when I wanted to kill myself. I don’t want to see another person who needs help not get it because they are afraid to ask or don’t know where to turn. I want everyone who can’t see it now get a chance to see the sun after their dark days. I want to see people be able to break the chains holding them to their struggles and have the chance to heal. This is why I want to create a book of life stories, showing mine (our) dark days and how I (We) pushed my (Our) way to overcoming them. I want the book to highlight that no one has to do it alone, that there is a way out and tomorrow is worth fighting for. I want TIME (This Is Me Entirely) to be a way for someone, even just one person, to get to see a today that’s happier, safer and more welcoming. I want TIME to be a safe haven, a helping hand and an unbiased companion to those who need it. I want to see a day when this big dream of mine is a reality.

To me TIME isn’t just for those who need a helping hand from us, it’s for you to help us. In helping someone find their way to overcome the hurdle I gain knowledge, I get to see them feel better, and that is all I’ve ever dreamed of. To help someone see tomorrow as less than a burden to see possibilities and possibly joy. Which is something I had wanted growing up, just to see tomorrow not covered in a dark cloud. Now that I can see possibility in tomorrow I want nothing more than to help someone else get the chance as well.

– Marie Olsson


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