Get to know Brian O’Conner

I come from a life of being on the streets and in a gang, the life and struggles I’ve been through in the past couple years have not been an easy route and still to the day isn’t but all I can do is keep moving forward to the life I deserve and need. It’s been two years since I’ve been of the streets and four years since I was in a gang. I have realized over the years that family and close friends mean more to me then money and fame I started getting back to the life I was at before with playing soccer and trying to help other street kids out that life style. TIME aka this is me entirely, is an organization that helps youth and young adults feel welcome anyone and everyone is welcome to come and talk to us and get the help they need and a place where someone actually understands them. Here at TIME we want to expand and help youths out everywhere we can. The reason behind this is because each one of the five members have been through a lot of the similar things and couldn’t find the proper help we needed and all of us here are a family pretty much and that’s what we want to do is help people struggling with abuse, suicide, sexuality etc.. I believe that everyone should have a place where they feel welcome and appreciated and a place where they can just be themselves if you have any questions or comments please contact me here till then thanks for reading and have a good day.

-Brain O’Connor


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