Why I chose Marie Olsson

Why I chose Marie Olsson

People choose a child’s name because it means something to them, they like how it sounds, or due to family influence.  However choosing a pen name is slightly more personal, you are choosing a name that can hold a deep meaning to you or fit you or who you want to be.  My pen name came about through putting a name that I hold dear to my heart alongside the surname of the female lead of my favourite movie.

I chose Marie because it was part of my daughters name, who I never did get to meet.  When I was sixteen I miscarried at six months.  I had her name planned out and Marie was part of her first name.  I had chosen the name Marie for her because I had (and still havent) met a Marie who wasn’t strong, smart, independent, successful, and loving.  All those traits I wanted my daughter to have.  As well as it being a family members middle name, one I love and look up to.  So to me it made sense to honour her by using part of her name as my pen name I use as I try and start up my dream, TIME organisation.

Olsson I chose as my surname out of my love of the movie Grease.  Who better to go off of than the beloved Sandy.  Sandy always was one of my favourite movie characters.  I spent countless hours growing up watching and rewatching Grease.  As a child I wanted to grow up in that era; but even more so, I wanted to be Sandy. I thought she was sweet, pretty, good, and sensible.  Going back to my childhood dream of being her I’m using her last name, since it beats being her just for Halloween.

-Marie Olsson


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