Why I chose the Pen Name IvyBelle Teller

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The story behind my name:
Ivybelle Teller isn’t something that really has a fascinating story behind it, if I’m being honest ha-ha.
Ivybelle Teller came about for 3 reasons.

I’ve always liked the name Ivy, I’m not really sure why but I like that name. I thought it sounded nice. There’s something powerful yet sweet about that name that I just love.

Belle was a name that I also love. My #1 Favourite movie is Beauty & The Beast. I love the story behind it and Belle is def. my favourite Princess. She’s very smart, loves books, puts family first, has her own attitude and she’s all about what’s in people’s hearts.

When I figured out that Ivybelle was a name that came together nicely, I picked that name to be my Pen Name.

Well, Teller came up randomly. I thought of something that I love and that’s Son’s Of Anarchy. SOA is one of my favourite shows. Teller comes from a character in the show who goes by the name of Jackson (JAX) Teller. He’s a guy with a good heart who knows how to lead his team. And the fact that I kind of have a crush on him and you know, wish I was married to him kind of made me pick that last name. HaHa , I know, total fan girl over here.

So these are my reason why I pick my Pen name as
Ivybelle Teller. After a lot of debating on the last name I finally picked it.

– Ivybelle – Xx


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