Why I chose the Pen Name Madison Taylor

I chose the name Madison Taylor for two reasons. Madison Taylor was my favorite character from Cardcaptors Sakura, I haven’t watched in a long time but it has always been my favorite show. I went through a bunch of name when deciding what pen name I wanted.  Madison Seem to fit me the best because the name also has an emotional meaning to me as well.

The emotional meaning behind the name is that Madison was a girl I knew a long time ago. She was one of my best friend, and I lost her due to unbelievable circumstances. I will get into more detail in another blog, but to give you the brief explanation. When we were young there was a fight that broke out and she got caught in the middle of it and ended up passing way at a very young age. Way younger than I would have hoped for, and in some way I still blame myself and wish I could go back to change it and try to save her. But I know that wouldn’t help anything and I should focus on bettering myself and make her prod.


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