Why Lynn Rascal chose her pen name.

So first and foremost, my first name. Lynn. This one has a sort of personal reason; not in the touchy feely way or the sad and treasured way, more like a personal story and preference and it’s not terribly special.
While my parents were deciding a name for me, they got stuck on a few. As they went to a resurant for some dinner, the person that was serving them had the name Lyn (I’m guessing that’s how it was spelt since it’s more common and I don’t actually know). Lyn stuck with them and became one of the final two choices for my name, but it lost. I don’t exactly know why I add the other N, it just always seemed more natural. And that’s the story of “Lynn”.
 My choice for last name is…a little embarrasing for me to admit. As I’m sure you’ve probably maybe read, I’m really big on video games, cartoons, anime and the like. I started watching a new anime a while back and there was this character I…admired, and I thought their name was pretty cool. I mean really how cool is the name Rascal?! So cool! And that’s where the name Rascal came from.
  • Lynn Rascal

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