Lynn Rascal’s view on Asexuality

Asexuality, by definition, is the lack of sexual attraction. For the longest time, I didn’t know that asexuality was a thing and honestly a lot of people still don’t. This usually leads to a lot of asexuals thinking there’s something wrong with them or that they’re just wrong about their sexuality when they really aren’t. I’m here to hopefully help spread some information and recount a tale or two of my past.
While having a talk with my dad, he mentioned that I was at an adventerous time of my life and I should have at least had sex once by now. I responded by giggling like a fifth grader hearing the word penis, which made my dad upset, but I think he was confused more than anything. I had no interest in sex, my body never “craved it” nor my heart or mind, and I didn’t see anything wrong with that, so I wondered why he was so bewildered. I’m sure he still doesn’t know since I couldn’t quite explain it to him back then and I didn’t even know what it was myself.
Now from how I worded it in my personal story just now, you might be thinking “Oh, so asexuals just don’t have an interest or don’t want to have sex.” No. That isn’t what asexuality is. Asexuality, as stated before, is the lack of sexual attraction. In other words, asexuals don’t lust after other people. Asexuals can have a physical desire for sex, yes, but it does not mean they have anyone speciffically in mind for who they’d want to do it with. It’s kind of like wanting to eat something but nothing in the fridge looks appetizing. They don’t find anyone attractive in a sexual way and that is totally okay.
Asexuality is actually a very broad topic that I can’t even begin to cover all of, but I can provide links to a few things that will help you find more information on asexuality, like the site for AVEN, the Asexuality Visibilty and Education Network
or the Asexuality Archive, which has links to a lot of different helpful pages
I hope I was able to clear up at least a little of what Asexuality is and clear up a thing or two and I hope you have a nice day~!
  • Lynn Rascal

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