Brian Opinion on “What is Love?”

“What is love”

If I can describe the word “love”, love is something you can feel, think, and see. It doesn’t mean you have to do something big or buy expensive gifts to show someone you love them it’s the presences that should attract someone to you. Just the thought of having someone right beside you and you can just look into their eyes and not say a word but know exactly what their thinking is better then trying to find a way to make them love you.

You can’t make someone love you, love has no price tags you know when you love someone when no matter how mad you get at them and how rough things may be you can always find a way to make things work. Love is when two people can go through hell and back and still be together at the end of it all. If two people love each other their going to do anything and everything they can to be together but if one person doesn’t put any effort into a relationship and the other one is that’s not love at all that’s being a shellfish bitch and only caring about yourself.

Love is when two people can meet each other half way and walk together side by side. You know you love someone when you find someone that is willing to do that, every real relationships have fights and disagreements but through it all if you can sit down and figure where things went wrong your relationship will get stronger and stronger but if you keep fighting and having disagreements and one person gives up then say bye bye to that it will feel like a waste of time and you don’t want anyone but them. It sucks and it hurts but that’s life…

You fight you make up and then you brake up and make up again that’s not a healthy relationship in order to have a healthy relationship two people that are emotionally stable can last longer then one person having a unstable emotion it just doesn’t work out and never will because your gonna try to do whatever you can to make someone happy and show you care but most of the time that person tends to just use you and walk away…

Love is simply good and bad though but if you truly love someone and they don’t love you then walk away and someone better will come and sweep you off your feet… But always remember love is patients and the longer you wait for someone you care about the better it will be when an if you get the chance to be with someone you absolutely love..

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