What is Love to Ivybelle

That feeling that you get when you see that one person that makes your life beautiful. The way that person smiles, laughs, the way he/she walks, the way he/she smiles, acts. The way you notice their eye color, hair color. How the only thing that matters is what they say and how even though their joke isn’t funny, you can’t help but smile and laugh.

The way you get a weird feeling in your tummy, you get butterflies and you feel like you’re going to be sick. How your hand gets sweaty and get too nervous to speak. How you always think of that person and can never get enough of being around them. How you cant explain why you love that person or how to explain the feeling of love. How you will always text, call or protect them. Making sure they r okay. And even though his or her heart belongs to someone else, you’ll still stand by his or her side and cant stop that feeling.

When people tell you she/ he’s no good but you see what they don’t see. When you still have those feelings even though that person hurts you or you’re hurting inside.

How you see a future with them, something simple or something big.

Maybe it’s the way he/she hugs you and u feel at home.

The way he/she cares about you. The way he/she takes time to see you even of its just to chill and talk.

How you would give up everything, your dreams, and your place just to make him/her happy.

What is love?
It’s a question that we often ask ourselves. We wonder what is right or wrong in a relationship or what we say. But what if there isn’t any “rules” or wrong way to love someone?

Weather its a crush, or boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife.

We live in a world now where when something broken we just throw it away for something that wont last or isn’t worth it. We break hearts because we are confused by the rules that are created and by letting the world inter our hearts and problems.

We give and we break. But we ignore our feelings because were scared of being rejected. Either were too fat, too skinny, nerdy, too tall or too short, Too smart or too pretty or fake and ignorante.

We want to love, but do we really know what love is??
Well that’s my thought on love…

Take chances. Fall in love, do crazy things.
Be you.

-Ivybelle – Xx


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