Bisexual has been around for years yet people act like it’s a new thing. Like it’s a sin, but let me tell you something…

Hi. I’m Ivybelle and I’m Bisexual.

When I was a kid, I would look at women just like I would look at men. I never saw or thought that there was a difference. I thought that it was a normal thing to think that a woman is pretty or thinking that I wanted to kiss them- that it was a girl thing that all women/girls think like that. But over the years I realized that it wasn’t. People would look at me weird like I was an alien or something. But to some guys, it was exciting.

The first thing I would get asked is “ What about a threesome?” or “ Does that mean you have threesomes?”. The answer to that is no! No girl ever wants to hear that her man wants her and another girl. It makes us feel like we aren’t good enough. Being Bisexual does not mean they want threesomes. It just means they like women as much as men.

Another question I get is “ How did you know?” . Well I didn’t know at first. As a kid I thought it was normal. I’ve never heard of “Bisexual”. I didn’t hear about it until I was 16. It was quite late but I didn’t know there was a specific term for liking both sexes.

I only came out to my parents when I was 23. I remember being nervous and a million questions were crossing my mind. One of them being “what if they reject me!?”. That’s the question that most of us ask ourselves. My mom accepted it, my dad not so much. Most of my friends knew way before my mom knew.

My dad was bi-curious when he was a teenager. He’ll deny it to anyone but he admitted to me way before everything went south. He found out I’m bisexual though my half-sister. My step-mom told me what happened and this is what apparently happened… When my Half-Sister told my dad that I’m bisexual, he denied me as his child. He was disappointed and said he was ashamed of me. I thought it was a bit hypocritical. How can someone who was bi-curious/bisexual judge their child who is bisexual.

I sort of came out of my mom while we were having a discussion about my dad’s past experience with men and women. I told her that I kind of like women. I wasn’t ready to fully admit it yet. Today, my mom knows. I came out 100%, it didn’t bother her at all. She said that she loves me for who I am no matter what. It was a relief to know.

Today, it doesn’t really matter to me if people know about my sexuality. I am me! And I love who I am and that’s all that matters.

Always love yourself and be you. No one can change you or tell you who to be. Whether you are gay, lesbian,bisexual, transgender, etc.. your sexuality doesn’t define you. Remember that you are beautiful and loved. It might be hard right now, but it will get better. It really does. Im not just saying that to make you smile, im saying that because its true. Be strong and don’t change. At the end of the day, who you like, marry, sleep with doesn’t concern anyone else.Be happy. Do what makes you happy.

Stay Strong. Be happy. Stay beautiful.

-Ivybelle- xox


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