What Is Love -Marie Olsson

What Is Love?

“What is love oh baby, don’t hurt me don’t hurt me no more” -Haddaway
Love is many things, love comes in many forms, and love has many meanings. One loves their child; one loves their home. One loves their partner; one loves their cat. One loves their job; one loves their friends. Each one of these loves are a different kinds of love. All of them are unique, each one is true. All love is endless, in their own way.
Love is one of the hardest things to explain. Love can be the best feeling in the world, but also one of the scariest. It can be hard to know how you feel, and it can be hard to explain why you feel that way. To me love is a feeling; there is no magical equation that is needed for one to feel love. Yes you can have feelings of love for someone because of who they are. You can love them because of how they act, their beliefs, or their smile. However it does not mean those are necessary for you to feel love towards someone. It could be for many reasons, or for reasons you are not yet aware. This is what I mean by no magical equation, there is no set reason to feel love towards anything. However there are things that come into play alongside love, things that make that feeling meaningful and strong. One thing that makes love strong and meaningful is trust, the feeling safe with that person or in that place and to feel like what you are seeing is what you are getting. The ability to feel completely comfortable and yourself in the situation. It’s that feeling of longing for them when you’re away. It’s the feeling of needing them when you’ve had a bad day, even for a simple hello. It’s feeling content just sitting in silence, or the ability to talk for hours. It’s wanting to do everything in your power to make sure they are ok, to worry about them. It’s to feel proud of their accomplishments, to be happy for them for all the little things, and always want the best for them. It’s looking at them and seeing their imperfections and not seeing them as a downside. It’s not giving up at every little speed bump, it’s working through them. It’s seeing the beauty of them as a person but seeing the beauty of the both of you together.
Love is a word that encompasses so much meaning; but it’s a word that’s damn near impossible to define. One can explain why they love a certain person or thing, many times in great detail. I can tell you why I love my mother, my best friend and my cat; however I cannot really tell you what love is, it’s just something to me that you know. It’s that feeling that is there when so much is backing that person up behind them that you cannot imagine (easily) living without. It’s a blanket word to say that even the flaws are not bad because they have so much great to them that the flaws are insignificant.
Love is also a word that is thrown around without a care, without meaning behind it. Love is abused in society, it’s lost some of its meaning over time that people don’t think before they say it. People say it without meaning it, in today’s society you hear way too many insincere ‘I love you’s’ thrown around. Love is a word with deep meaning that isn’t to be thrown around lightly. Love is a serious long term feeling, it’s a forgiving feeling. Love is a powerful thing, it’s an overwhelming feeling.
Love is love.

Stay Proud, Stay Loud Lovies,
Marie Olsson xx


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