Madison Opinion on School Issues.

When it comes to school issue I think everyone has an opinion on something they want to change in the school system. I believe school need different programs for kids struggling with their school work, more programs for teen parents and the different support system they have for low income families. Those are my main concerned when it come to school systems, because those are the ones that really hit home for me.

When it comes to programs for kids who are struggling with school work especially in elementary in elementary school, because that is a really big one for me. I had a lot of trouble with school from grade 2 – grade 5 and a majority of my teachers didn’t understand what was wrong or what to do with me, because normal classes were too hard for me and no matter how hard I tried I was still doing something wrong. The best solution they thought would work was to put me into esl classes which did help but English is my only language so it ended up being too easy for me and I wasn’t learning anything, so I got place back into the normal classes again. I got picked on not just by student but also by my teachers too, I had been told so many times that I was just not trying hard enough, and you get told that enough times I ended up just giving up because I didn’t know what to do anymore. It wasn’t until grade 5 till my teacher realized that there were more struggling, so she made her own cralicume for us to work on. It was the same basic thing as the rest of the class just phrased a bit simpler, but it was easier but still challenging enough to have us a chance to learn what we were doing. After that experience is when I started gaining some self confidence in myself because she showed me that I was able to actually learn things is just processed it differently. I am more or a visual and hands on learner, so she taught me different way to succeed with my learning style. So if I could change anything I would want more of a middle grand for the ones like me who are struggling.

For everyone who doesn’t know I was a teen parent, I had just entered grade 12 when I found out. I was lucky enough since I wasn’t giving birth till closer to the end of the year so that how I got a spot in a school who offered a program for teen parents with a daycare on campus, but if I hadn’t then there was a 1 ½ year waiting list and I probably wouldn’t of been able to finished high school and wouldn’t be where I am today. To me I’m really thankful for how things worked out but how about the ones who didn’t make it in. I want more schools to help the mothers and fathers complete schools so they can better there future. I know some people will say that if more support goes up we be encouraging teen to get pregnant. But how about those people who are waiting the 1 ½ to get into those schools. And those are the people I want to help and want to give support to help and not have them wait such a long time before finishing their education.

Now when it comes to supporting for low incomes families. I am happy with what they have I just wish that they were just more well know such as if you are really struggling afford school also in different neighborhood that will help as much as you can. Or at Christmas time there are Christmas hampers that will help with presents and sometimes Christmas dinners. Like I wish these things were more well know or even more avalible to people who want I need the help. Yes, I understand the need for keeping things more quiet so some people don’t take advantage of it, but that also keeping it from the ones who actually need it.

I know some people will disagree and some will agree, if so write a comment down below I would love to here your opinion, also if you have any questions I’d love to answer them. I am really open or if you want us to talk about any other topics let us know.

-Madison Taylor


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