Getting To Know Howie Defranco

Well hello to all the people reading this my name is Howie Defranco, don’t really know how much to reveal here in this get to know you thing but let’s give it a shot.   I’ve been in this world for 20 years now, trying to just live life and keep the people around me happy and healthy.   It doesn’t always work out that way of course though which sucks cause I have a complex that makes me keep trying.  Kind of stubborn that way, actually more than kinda…. A lot more than kinda sometimes.   Anyways I’m getting off track here so let’s get to the good stuff, I’m canadian born, raised and really don’t know much about my background beyond that haha.

Now I’m a big nerd like the biggest nerd you’ll ever meet, sadly though not the cool nerd that talks about the latest episode of Game of Thrones or the Walking Dead or anything like that.  No I’m a classical nerd I’m a huge Star Trek fan, Star Wars fan, Ninja Turtles, Transfomers, Marvel and Dc fan.  I mean I own a freakin Keyblade I’m so nerdy, if you know what that is you’re an awesome person.  I also watch a lot of movies and TV shows, just to put how much into perspective on my laptop I have about 1070 movies and 100 different TV shows.
Let’s talk music for a minute now, I love music and don’t think I could survive with out it.  For me personally its kind of a defence mechanism so to speak as in I use because I hate the sound of silence.  When I hear silence is when my mind goes back and thinks about the past, things I don’t want to remember, things I’m very open about I just don’t like remembering.  Those things will no doubt be brought up in future blog entries but for now why ruin future moments of surprise.
Lastly I want to talk about my personality, traits, characteristics and little things that make me me.  That’s probably not proper grammar but overlook it for a minute as firstly I don’t care about grammar that much.  I’m a loyal friend, who at times allows his loyalty and good nature to get the better of him.  It’s always fun when that happens, it comes with the responsibility I laid on myself to do my best to be a good man.  That means first and foremost honesty to everyone, loyalty especially to those I consider family and kindness to everyone until they cross a line.   It takes a lot for that line to be crossed in my eyes as there is a lot of grey in this world, black and white are to very thin lines on either end of it in my mind.  I hope that’s enough to give a good idea of who I am for now, anyone would be welcome to comment if they want to know more.

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