Why I chose Howie Defranco

Hey blog readers of the world, I’m Howie Defranco and this is why I chose my Pen name.  Thought I’d try an opening as all the best reporters have like an opening or a sign off, and blogger is kind of a reporter.   It may not work out but thought it’d be fun.

Anyways this is a little short story as there’s not much of a tale to my screen name.  I chose Defranco as the last name as one of my brothers suggested it, actually he suggested using my actual first name and just making Defranco the last name.  Personally I like the idea of this being completely incognito as Defranco well let’s just say is far off from my real last name.  Just to say as well I’ll refer probably in this blog to one of my four brother more than once in these blogs as such I’ll be using the ninja turtle equivalent name for each, this one being Raphael.  We’re not actually related but the 3 of them I’ve known since first grade, I’m the Donnie if the group for reference.  There’s more family that is not blood related I’ll have to make names for but the turtles reference works for us.
Which brings us to my first name of Howie, which is in tribute to one of my favourite people in this world and a person I respect greatly.  Howie Mandel, comedian, America’s Got Talent judge, and deal maker but at the core of it all one the great entertainers of our time.  There’s a reason I chose Howie beyond that though, this organization is all about trying to reach out to people that need help, support people, spread awareness on different topics and such.  Howie as most people know is a germaphobe which isn’t a bad thing, it’s derived from his OCD.  As stated in the article listed at the bottom of this entry, Mandel literally shut down somedays because of it, he gave up jobs over it and was isolated as a child because of it.  Too me a man that to this day just wants to make people laugh and smile that could come from a life of fear, constant fear is a man to be respected and is the perfect representation we want to show the people we want to help.
Haddad, Jessica, Eric M. Strauss, and David Muir. “Germs: ‘No Deal’ for Host Howie Mandel.” ABC News. ABC News Network, 24 Nov. 2009. Web. 04 Sept. 2015.

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