Howie’s talk on sexual assault.

Hey blog readers, it’s Howie Defranco and today’s blog will be very much more on the informational side and less on the personal back story side.  The topic of the TIME blogs this week is sexual abuse, an ugly act in itself and hard to write about when you don’t have a personal story.  I do know people who’ve gone through but those aren’t my stories to talk about but I’ll use it to discuss this topic, in terms of what I’ve seen a person go through.  So the first thing to say here I guess is that sexual abuse is an act that is just wrong, I don’t care what the person’s reason is in the slightest it’s just wrong.  It’s because intercourse is supposed to be a mutual consensus between two people or else it’s one of the most violent things you can do to someone.

Violating a person’s body the most personal thing there is besides one’s own mind and involves multiple wrongs beyond just that.  Assault, manipulation, threatening, drugging  without consent and even resulting in murder sometimes.  Of course that’s without mentioning the shock, trauma, fear, anxiety and other disorders that can follow the victims of it for the rest of their lives.  Their is no excuse for committing it no matter, how much a person says they desire it or how much they rationalize it.  The very idea that person would go through with it is saddening as its a reflection on humanity as a whole that we see even a shred of entitlement to having sex with someone.
I mean I’ve done some things I’m not proud of because we all have urges, but it was always between two consenting adults.  Now maybe I sound a little closed minded on this subject, but I can’t think of any situation in which this is even slightly an acceptable course of action.  In my life, I am aware of a couple people who went through sexual abuse in their life and I will not discuss it on here.  It’s not because they wouldn’t be ok with it, a few are very open about, it’s not because it’s something that should be hidden or not talked about.  It’s because it’s something that shouldn’t have happened in the first place and not my story to speak about.
I repeated myself a fair amount in this entry and I apologize for that, as it doesn’t lead to a very good read, a short one sure but not a compelling one.  For anyone who is reading this right now and has gone though it I’ll tell ya, talk to someone about it.  Put it out in the world and fight the person who did it to, legally of course not for the money.  No money should be the last thing on the mind when you take it to court, it’s about painting a target on the abusers back so people know.  So the abusers can get what they deserve for putting you through the pain, the suffering, the violation and their inhumanity.
Below you’ll find a link to government site to help you on that path if you choose it

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