Madison view on Hero’s

When it comes to a hero I don’t really have a favorite. I have always been more of a DC girl over marvel. Also picking favourites has never been my strong point because I love everything. If I go with my son’s favourite, I’d be his number 1 hero, but going comic and cartoon based. My son Daniel is 4 and his favourites are Batman, The Flash, Hulk and Superman. So I’m going to take this blog, and use it for explaining my feelings towards them because I see them all the time.

I’ll start with Batman because he’s always been one of my top favourite. Well for one he’s rich and has all these cool gadgets that can magically fit on his belt. As well as this mysterious personality that makes it so you can’t quiet tell what he is thinking. The one thing my son loves about Batman is his Batmoble, and the way he fights. And come on who doesn’t like the batmoblie or any of his other cool vehicles.

Next is Hulk, ok you probably think this is silly but remember he’s 4 and his favorite colour is green and what colour is the hulk yah all green. I also think its so cute watching him walk around the house screaming Hulk smash, even though it comes out more like Hawk smash but it’s cute.

Then there is the Flash, I personally find him adorable. He has this fun loving, easygoing type of personality that reminds me a lot of my child hood. I would also enjoy having the super speed because, come on I wouldn’t have to have a car and would save a lot of money on gas. Then again I wouldn’t like my child having that power, because I already have troubles keeping up with him.

Last hero is superman, and who doesn’t like superman. He’s pretty much a super human from another planet. Like come on he can fly, shoot lazors from his eyes, freeze thing with his breath and his superstrenght. I believe he’s the typical hero that we would want in the real world.

Though are my sons favorite and a little on my opinion on them. Leave me a comment let me know who your favorite Hero is. Also follow us for more blogs on different topic, we would always love to hear from you.


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