Marie favorite Superheros.

For superheroes I lean towards Superman and Thor. My love of Superman dates back to Smallville and when I would watch it with my father. I love the idea of how loyal he is to his human parents even though they are not biologically related to him. I love the back story of him and his drive to do the right thing. I love Thor due to the mythological background to him. My draw to both of them goes towards both of their morals and family beliefs. I also love the idea that they could be walking among us but could not be one of us. I find the fantasy aspect of superheroes enticing, the idea of other worldly beings existing, fascinating. The idea that their powers cannot be bought or taught is cool, that they are not just boys with their toys or had gone through years of training.  No instead that these are powers they’re born with.

Side note: Batman is not a ninja.

Stay geeky lovies,

Marie Olsson xx


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