Infidelity -Brian O’Connor

Infidelity also known as cheating is a pretty common subject now a days that everyone has experienced or is dealing with. I personally think that if you’re going to cheat on someone then you shouldn’t even consider being with them or at least be honest and now a days that’s one thing that ruins a relationship. When a person is hiding the fact that they cheated on someone, their partner has to find out through a friend, or find out for themselves by walking into their partner being with someone else. To be honest it’s the worst feeling ever to think or find out your partner is cheating on you. I went through it multiple times and it hurts a lot, I don’t think anyone should ever really go through it. If you want to be with someone don’t have others on the side you flirt with because most relationships end knowing that there’s other people involved and can cause a lot of trust issues. The lack of trust now a days will end a relationships really quickly and depending on who you are and how you deal with things it can either be good or bad. Everyone has different ways dealing with the fact they got cheated on rather that’s by moving on real quick or by letting the hurt get to most us.

My experience with cheating was pretty terrible. The first time I was cheated on I found out by overhearing my girlfriend at the time talking to our roommate that she cheated on me with four guys in four days. To hear the fact that your girlfriend did that to you and having her hide it sucked big time. After that I didn’t date or see anyone for the longest time really; my previous relationship I had a gut feeling that my girlfriend was cheating on me just by the way she acted towards me and the way she treated me. Along with seeing her with a guy five minutes before she texted me saying that were breaking up. I really don’t know what hurt more, over hearing the fact I got cheated on or getting a text message saying were breaking up… Still to this day I can’t understand what went wrong, did I do something? Or was it because I wasn’t good enough for them that they would cheat on me?

I have grown to realize now that we need to leave the past behind us and that we all move on to finding someone better one day, it may not be today or tomorrow but one day we all can find someone we trust. I for one have a lot of trust issues now a days that I’m not ready to be in a relationship with someone yet, whether I have known them for a couple years or not. As much as it sucks to be cheated on, I just want you to realize you are not alone and there are many people that have been through or dealing with similar situations as you. Be positive though a right relationship will come your way when the time is right and you will find someone that won’t cheat on you.

Love Yourself First

Brian O’Connor

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