Madison View on Infidelity

Like always I’ll start off with the definition of infidelity that I got off of

Infidelity: a breach of trust or a disloyal act; transgression.”

When it comes to infidelity there are so many different name for it; Cheating, adultery, affair. Honestly I’ve been through it all I’ve been cheated on, accused of cheating, and cheater. At the time being the cheater felt good at first since I had already been cheated on so many time before. But after a while I started hurting because I knew my partner at the time trusted me yet I didn’t know how to stop and tell him. In the end it ruined both relationship and I didn’t just lose one I lost both guys. When my ex found out I got put into one of the worse situations I had ever been in. let’s just say I never want to go back there again. Infidelity is not something I recommended people do, but everyone does their own thing. I just want everyone to remember that you don’t just hurt your sexual partner, you could also end up hurting yourself as well and maybe even people around you.

Everyone can take infidelity in all different types of ways. For some people the whole act of sleeping with another can be one way. As well as kissing can be another way to some people. It’s the break of trust to your partner, I know one of my ex’s that as soon as I told anyone else that I loved them he considered that cheating. So an open commutation is always the key. Plus it’s always better when the truth comes out it’s from the person telling the truth and not a friend. I always saw it that way, I would be a lot easier on my partner if he came up to me and told me the truth, then hearing it from one of our friends.

 Myths and stereotypes.

Affairs almost always spell the end of marriage

  • That’s not always true, it all depends on the couple. I also depend on circumstances as well, I mean say if It’s me and I’m sitting around with a group of friends and as my boyfriend walking in and someone kisses me, if I talk to my partner and there is communication and explanation, yes he will probably be mad at first but after the initial anger I’d be pretty sure we would be able to work on it. Same thing goes for if he cheated on me, if it comes from him yes I’d be angry but that doesn’t mean I would walk away from what we have. But hey that’s just me, I cannot speak for anyone else.

Once a cheater, always a cheater.

  • That is not true, some people can make honest mistakes. Also depends on the outcome, once an affair is brought to light, it’s up to that person to take the next step. Some people can have multiple affairs and others will do it once and never again. I have cheated before on my ex, I wasn’t happy and I was too afraid to end it. I will forever regret that choice, and I will never put someone through that again. It’s something I do not wish on anyone, that regret will pain me till the day I die. Yes it’s been 4 years now and my ex and I are now friends but now I can see how much I have really scared him, and it pains me to see how much he has trust issue and I can’t help to feel that it is my fault. I am now in a relationship with someone that I’m happy with and because of my past mistakes I never want to hurt him in the same way.

 Once an affair is out in the open, even if a couple stay together, they can never be happy together again.

  • Again not always the case. A couple can overcome anything if they want to, but it will take work and not everyone can get through it and that’s alright. It all depends on the relationship you have already built. If it is already a rocky relationship then there is a 50/50 chance the relationship can fall apart or it will bring you strong. I don’t mean go and test this theory because nothing I say is definite because every relationship is different. My current partner knows about my Past and has accepted me for who I am. Doesn’t fully agree with my choice but know the whole back story behind it as well.

That the end of my blog. Leave any comment, questions or concerns below, I’d love to hear from you guys. I’ll talk to you guys next week.

-Madison Taylor.


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