Marie’s Favourite Food

Honestly I love many different kinds of foods and when asked I will tell you that a lot of foods are my favourite. However there are some foods I absolutely love and am absolutely always in the mood for.  Sushi has to be one of my absolute favourite foods and I can’t get sick of it. I love calamari and greek salad, theres nothing better on a nice night out with my family. I am in love with Yorkshire pudding, turkey pot pie and veggie stir-fries with tofu but they have to be homemade. I adore a good salad and am more then content to have one at any point in the day, even for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a day. I love a spinach and feta lasagna but cannot stand a traditional one with tomato, beef and cheese. I love the flavours and textures of a veggie burger and prefer it over a meat patty.
I like sweets but in moderation, I prefer tart or delicate flavours. I love cheesecake, preferably with a fruit to enhance the flavours. I love chocolate, but prefer dark over milk chocolate and in small helpings. I adore caramel, I think this is the only sweet I can overindulge in and not regret it. I love pumpkin pies, butter tarts, crème brûlée and rhubarb with custard.

Stay Loud. Stay Proud. Love Food Lovies,
Marie Olsson xx


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