Howie Talks About Victim Blaming

Hey blog readers, it’s Howie Defranco and today we will be discussing the topic of Victim Blaming. Victim blaming is when a victim is blamed partially or in whole for the wrongful act that befell them. In life you actually hear about this a lot as a lot of people do victim blaming without even thinking about doing it. It can be as simple as saying you got yourself into this mess or as hurtful as saying they deserved it anyway. We’re going to talk more about the latter as it’s actually a pretty big topic in this day and age in social media, mostly from cases involving rape. A lot of people have different opinions or values that cause them to say something like that its because the victim dressed a certain way or they acted a certain way that left room open for it to be a grey area for the perpetrator to be in the right.

Which brings us to the story I’ve had in mind for this blog for a while, have you heard of a man named Elliot Rodger. Now of course this man is a perpetrator as discussed above but his story fits so well into what victim blaming is. In 2014 he shot six people before killing himself, his reason though was not because the people had wronged him nope it was because he was a virgin. He went on a killing spree because girls had rejected him, although only two of his victims were female the reason why it’s victim blaming is that he made a video before it. This video described that what he was doing was the girls fault that it was retribution or punishment for their decisions. He’s victim blaming his own victim’s for his crimes now that is something not uncommon for murders of this type of crime but usually the person chooses just to end their own life.

Then there’s Amanda Todd, another famous name for this blog, a victim of victim blaming. She was stalked and tormented by a man who took pornographic photos of her, but at her school, and at other schools her friends treated her as though it was her own fault. Her own fault for making the photos in the first place, and bullied her mercilessly for it. This run of victim blaming lead to her own suicide, which if people had looked at it as the man who took advantage of hers fault, wouldn’t have happened. Sadly admittedly hindsight is 20/20 but the people in those situations should have listened to her story.

Victim blaming is something that should not even be part of the equation but it happens just remember there are two sides to every story and not to judge things on either side.

From Howie.

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