Howie talks about abortion

Hey blog readers, it’s Howie Defranco and today we will be talking about abortion, a critical topic for someone who almost wasn’t born.  That’s right I’m an accident and as someone who was both almost adopted and aborted I feel comfortable saying abortion is the business of the person whose choosing or not no one else’s.  Just making a point that is quoting my mother in a way they brought us into this world they can take us out of it.  It’s ultimately the mother’s decision, the father of course should have a say, but it’s not their body it doesn’t affect them the way it does the mother.  That’s why if someone wants to have one or not we can not look down or shame them for that decision.

In the same situation what would you do?  Freak out, cry, have the baby anyway, why?
You don’t know what would happen in that situation, that moment when it wasn’t planned, when you don’t have a loved one to support you.  You’re also asking the child be born into a family that might not be the most responsible, or asking them to end up in a foster system that can abuse children mentally and physically.  What your asking is to force a child to be born, the mother must protect that child if she believes that they are better without this world then they are.

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