Howie, A Male View of Feminism

Hey blog readers, it’s Howie Defranco and today we’re going to talk all about feminism. Let me be clear I’m an equalist (yes autocorrect that is a word), in that sense therefore I believe in a version of feminism for as I see it there are 2 versions. The first being the one I believe in being the original which was about the genders being equal in every sense. The second version which has formed only recently, is less about equality and women’s rights and more about hate towards the opposite gender. Turning a once strong word into what feels like a form of sexism, for those of you who disagree with that, I ask you to read keep reading until the end.

It just feels like lately feminism has become a platform for hate towards men, and about putting women’s rights above men. Now the acts that show this range from, the National organization for Women and other groups standing against shared parenting for divorced families to the hashtag #killallmen. I’m a man and I like to think I’ve done right by the women in my life, I don’t really appreciate hearing that even exists. Despite the fact the basis of feminism groups is equality, groups that preach it actively work to undermine or exclude the rights and stories of men. Men can be raped too, men can be good single parents, men can be discriminated against, we’re people too.

Feminism, true feminism was a good thing, it was based on the idea of evening the scales so that everyone was equal not so woman could become better then men. The fight for the right to vote, Norma Rae’s fight for worker’s rights, and modern stuff like free the five or free the nipple are good examples of what good feminism can do. As in this day and age, the right to equality is an ongoing battle for all genders and these are little things that are just trying to help women be free. Which is completely the right thing but the part that’s gone extreme, that’s made the Internet, laugh at feminism is not real feminism.

To all those of you who think feminism is about man hating your wrong, but also to those thinking that feminism in its current state is good, well you’re wrong too. If feminist groups were to renounce some of their actions and remove some of the hate maybe it could be something noble again. For now though I don’t appreciate someone who puts hate into this world under the guise of equality. Today there are no longer just two genders at least in my mind, so first off we need to stop acting like their is and second we need to accept and work with them. These so called feminists don’t seem to respect that ideal.


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