Madison on Harassment

Like always here is the definition of Harassment off of

Harassment: To disturb persistently; torment, as with trouble or care; bother continually; pester; persecute.

Harassment can go many different ways from discrimination, prejudice, sexism, religious views, to sexual. There are a bunch of different ways I could talk about harassment and all of them lead people to trouble or even charges if you are the harasser. I believe if you’re going through any type of harassment you should speak up and tell someone because no one deserves to be treated that way. There is also a big difference between bugging/ annoyed by a friend, co-worker or stranger and being harassed by one. The biggest difference is if they stop when you ask them to stop, a respectable friend or co-worker nine times out of 10 would stop if you asked. But if it’s to the point where you getting physically or verbally abused and you are afraid to talk to them about it then you may need to talk to someone.

The most common place harassment is seen is in a work place setting, so today I’ll talk a little about workplace harassment. They first type of harassment we are going to talk about is verbal harassment. The most common example of that is using offensive language basted on the gender, like calling a female by the female dog’s name. Or talking down on someone like constantly calling them “stupid” or an “idiot”. In a work place that is highly frowned upon. I also wanted to show a few side effects I found of Verbal abuse/harassment in a work place:

  • Physical change in blood pressure.
  • Loss of desire to pursue once enjoyable activity.
  • Feeling of guilt because they are under the belief that they are causing the bad vide at work.

Another type of harassment is physical. All works places have some sort of rule against physical violence, so that staff can feel safe and you should when you are at work. So physical harassment is when a co-worker uses force against another worker that could or does cause injury. It can also link up with sexual harassment but I do not want to talk too much on that because we will be having a full separate blog on that coming soon. Marie and Lynn will have that out for you in a couple months, so defiantly come check that out when the time comes.

Make sure if you ever have any questions about any type of harassment all ways feel free to ask, or there is also a lot of good information on that is where I got the information for this blog from. Also a handy tip to keep yourself and your co-worker safe is to write thing down as soon and accrete as you can (time, date, witnesses, and situation in as much detail as you can).it will help cover your butt in the long run, it has for me working as a youth worker.

I have been in a situation were a lot of verbal harassment took place. It was not a fun place to work and I dreaded every shift. I worked there for 2.5 years before leaving, not including the year maternity accutully go worse after I got pregnant, staff started calling rude names that I will not say on here (but you can use your imagination, I was in fact a teen parent) and I got blamed for thing I could not help.  I was between 5 and 6 months pregnant  when I got a write up for taking to many pee breaks. I remember getting really frustrated at myself because I already had a weak blatter to begin with, but I paid the price for not speaking up for myself or tell anyone because I ended up with a really bad track infection from trying to hold everything in at work. I all so fell off of two ladders while I was pregnant, now that situation was weird cause my supervisor yelled at me till I got up the ladder then yelled at me again for falling off. It was a frustrating part of my life but I got through it. I ended up telling my head boss everything that was going on three weeks before I left that job, I ended up transferring somewhere closer to home. I was happier there I got along with everyone and I stayed there until I enrolled in college.


Leave  a comment down below if you have any question, comments. Leave a star if you liked it, I’d love to hear from you guys.


“You cannot feel Happiness without pain, you also can’t feel excitement without disappointment.”



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