Madison Taylor on Cross Culture Relationships

What is a cross culture relationship? it’s when you have any kind of relationship between friends whether it be an intimate relationship, or a professional relationship, and there is a cultural difference between the two people. It can go three very different ways. First way can be positive, second can be neutral and the third can be negatively. I’ve encountered all three different ways in very different ways, my family is very multicultural i’m half Caucasian half Chinese, my grandmother first nations, two of my brother are half east Indian and my other 3 siblings are half Italian. So I grew up around different cultures my whole life. I’ll be going into it more later on, first I wanted to give some facts on cross culture relationships and how they affect us in are every day lives
I think one of the biggest thing that we our impacted by is the food. every culture has their traditional, their delicacy and their stereotypical food. if anyone has gone to a multicultural fair my favorite part is going around and trying all the cool food. The other affect it can have is the celebrations and different holidays, as an example I celebrate Christmas, new years and Chinese new years, and a couple other mixed holidays from my mixed culture. One that was really fun was I got a chance to go to a coming of age ceremony, it was a lot of fun but I ended up wearing the wrong colours. It was really fascinating though to see and participate in the ceremony, it was a great learning experience.
So now I’ll talk about the positive side of cross culture relationships. This can go as far as welcoming and accepting the other persons views and culture, this does not mean you have to participate in them or believe in them but it means that you’re willing to understand and listen to them when they talk about it. It’s not always easy being positive about stuff you do not fully understand but keeping your mind open is a great start.
Now the neutral side is most common, it’s one of the ways where both parties have a greater chance of not getting hurt. it’s pretty much you do your thing and I’ll do mine, and you keep it to your self. like my boyfriend doesn’t always agree with some of my Asian customs, but as long as I don’t shove them in his face he just let’s me do my thing and doesn’t participate. That is alright, he doesn’t have to because they’re my beliefs and my customs, just like how I don’t follow some of his.
The negative side is where thing get messy, because it all comes down to trying to change the person into something they are not. though it’s not right to do so it happens. It is when you start telling people to change their ways of their beliefs and discourage them from doing there practices, that is when you start to harm them. Other words for that are discrimination and racism, this position ends up being a lose lose for every one.


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