Howie talks about Mental Health

Hey blog readers, it’s me Howie Defranco and today’s topic is mental health, which I find funny as it’s a funny concept to me. For is anyone in this world truly 100% without a doubt mentally healthy from the moment they’re born to the moment they die? I mean the standard for mental health would suggest you’d never be anything but mentally healthy. Maybe that’s just by my standard I don’t know but let’s go to a more specific aspect of mental health, the biological side of it all. I understand this is the point you might want to go to another blog at this point but it’s nice to look at the science-y aspect of life every now and then.
So let’s start with a visualizing type thing, close your eyes and imagine your brain, imagine it like a giant web around you. Now it probably looks like some kinda Internet web type structure with some pulses moving through it. Now imagine that it looks different then what your imagining just change one aspect just a little one, boom your mental state is affected and you are no longer technically mentally healthy. Which you know makes you human most people have had something affect their brain and make them mentally unhealthy but the second you imagined the brain that was different you worried a bit didn’t you.
You were worried about what it would look like and what it means, and if it’s your brain saying this is what’s different about yours. Wouldn’t that be kinda cool your brain itself shows you visually what’s different about you. Now it’s nothing to be anything about its just part of what makes you, who you are, and that’s ok whoever you are. “We all have a spark of madness in us we mustn’t waste it” Robin Williams a great man who battled depression and inspired millions said that. Anyways I guess I strayed a bit away from the science-y side, bottom line though about mental health is just remember it’s a part of you and no one is perfect in the head.


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