Madison Taylor, Communicating with you

Ok lets start this blog off with something familiar.
Communication: The exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech,signals, writing, or behavior.
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In almost all my blogs you hear something on communication. I feel that it’s one of the most important things in the world. it can help strengthen a relationship, it can build or break a country, it can help create things, communication can do so many things. Communication happens everyday, there is no avoiding it i’m communicating with you right now. There’s not really much to say on communication besides how important it is to watch what we all say and how it can effect someone else. Saying the wrong thing can sometimes cause a riple affect or as some may say bad karma. I was always taught that what goes around comes around, so if you show good social skills you will get a positive feed back. there are different situations where you need good communication skills such as: School, work, relationships and online.
School is a big one and I wanted to start off with it because it’s where we all first learn how to use our communication skills. In class say you got your teacher, the class clown, the class bully and your friends, and learning how you communicate with the different personalities and situations determines the out come. Say as an example a new kid comes into class, if you have positive communication/social skills there a good chance you may make a new friend, but if you show bad communication skills where you’re rude and mean to the other student, you may not be surprised by a negative come back. Funnily enough same goes for work except you get to learn to deal and understand what to do in certain situations.
Relationships, you always hear me say communication is the number one thing you need in a relationship of any kind. With communication comes trust, loyalty, comfort, compassion and so much more. It also brings a bond between you and who ever you’re communicating with, everyone should have at leasest one person they can talk to about anything and can trust them with their heart and soul. That shows good communication in that relationship and that can be anyone from your mom to your best friend to a boyfriend/girlfriend to a neighbour/co-worker. That doesn’t mean once you got them you got them and stop, to keep a strong relationship healthy there always has to be a constant flow of communication. Also the communication can’t only be one sided there has to be equal part through everyone involved
Now for online. Online is always tricky because like texting you don’t always know how the other person may read it. You have to be very careful about the way you write things through text, because you can’t hear sarcasm on a piece of paper/computer screen. for an example you could say “omg shut up” and there are two ways someone can take this 1) you’re excited 2) your being serious and you want them to be quiet. No matter what you can’t guarantee what the other person will think. so being careful with the way you phrase things is very important.

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