Lynn Talks about Communication

I’ll be the first to admit that communication is one of the hardest things to do during a hard time or just in general. Trust me, I’m a frequent offender of cutting myself off from people. At the same time though, it’s also one of the most important things to maintain. Especially during a hard time. Staying alone may seem easiest and best, but it often leads to a whirlpool of confusion and negativity for everyone involved.

Now I’m not saying that alone time isn’t allowed, not at all. Being alone at times can certainly be a valid solution if it works for you. Just remember that if you’re going to “go dark in the field” as it were, just give your friends, family, and everyone else a warning before you do so. If you’re not comfortable talking about the issue at hand or just most interaction in general, you have every right to say so, even if you’re feeling you’re being pressured into it.

Keeping silent about it forever isn’t a good solution, though. You’re free to talk about it whenever you feel comfortable, just make sure you actually talk about it with someone. If you don’t feel comfortable telling a friend or family member, maybe look into talking to a counselor or possibly a therapist. If money’s an issue, try looking up “help hotlines” on Google. There’ll always be someone to talk to whenever you’re ready.

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