Howie Defranco’s Favourite Video Game

Hey blog readers, it’s me Howie  Defranco and today is fun day and the topic is our favourite video games. Well look mine is a hard choice, I could say Arkham city for its well told story, I could say GTA V for its online aspect, I could say Pokemon for my sheer dedication over the last however long. None of those, though because it has to be the game I’ve played most, and have comeback to many times over the years, Kingdom Hearts 2. The first kingdom hearts was awesome don’t get me wrong but the second one was where the game hit its stride. So much so that that people still clamour to buy all the spin off games waiting for a true sequel, 11 years later now.
The game was incredible, combining a great story, with Disney characters and great gameplay that just drew you in. It’s a story I’ve played through maybe 30-40 times since the first time I picked it up because I just want to play it again, especially the battle for Hollow Bastion level. It was the best part because there’s a point in it when your team leaves you and your stuck fighting a thousand heartless alone and it’s purely a brave heart moment. Then there’s the song, Sanctuary, still one of my favourites today every time I hear it I just drift back into a simpler time when I’d play games all day long.

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