Howie Defranco on Sexual Health

Hey blog readers, it’s me Howie Defranco and today we are going to talk about sexual health. Sexual health is a topic that encompasses multiple other topics, including sexuality, rights, the obvious medical side and relationships. Today we’re going to touch on all those points because they’re all important aspects of maintaining sexual health. I will include some personal stuff along the way, about my own limited sexual experiences as well. Anyways though let’s get started, so ya see there are these birds and these bees and… Oh wait that’s not the right conversation.
First let’s start with sexuality, a fun part of this topic because it’s about who you are sexually and being comfortable with it. Sexuality, is our gender, our sexual orientation, our desires, our preferences, everything that makes sex fun is sexuality. Now being comfortable with what you like is part of being sexual healthy, I mean let’s just say you like something and you’re ashamed of it. That statement just doesn’t work because it hurts your mental state to think that way and that’s not good. Find a way to be comfortable with what you like and your sexual health and mental state will improve greatly. For example, I’m very comfortable with my sexuality, I know what I like and what I don’t and I let my partners know that and because of that I always enjoy it, and they generally do the same with me.
If you’ve read my other blogs you know I’ve never had a relationship, but I’ve had sex a few times now. It has always been consensual though which is important when you start talking about sexual health. The rights of people matter just as much in the bedroom as they do out of it, I mean sex without consent is nothing it has no meaning and it is something that just hurts people. There are lots of different kinds of sex but none are worth it without respecting the other persons rights.
Between the ages of 16 and 19 I was obsessed with the idea of losing my virginity, and it like consumed me. The reason I’m talking about this is because my sexual health back then was horrible, I wasn’t comfortable with my sexuality. I wasn’t comfortable because I was confused about what I even liked back then, I questioned everything did I like this, would I like this, I feel ashamed for liking this. It went on and on but at 19 it came to a point where it was enough, I did something to lose my virginity, and it was only a good experience because the other person consented to it. I’m just making the point that without those things not only is sex not fun, it’s not healthy for you, it hurts you.
Which brings us to the medical side, look if you’re having sex then be safe, wear a condom, use birth control. Be aware of possible diseases and how to prevent the, because in this day and age there’s every way to avoid catching something but it only takes one wrong move for that to go bad.
Finally it brings us to sexual relationships, sex is intimacy it really is and it brings two people closer by having it. I know a couple of the girls I been with after I felt like I could feel their heart beat with mine and it made a connection I don’t have with anyone. Just make sure that the relationship is both mutually beneficial and is in no way, something controlling you or hurting you. It’s supposed to be fun and feel good for everyone involved just remember that.
To end this all off I’m gonna say that sex is healing, it does relieve stress and clear your mind. Just make sure you do it right and that you are safe about it.


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