Howie Defranco on Bullying

Hey blog readers, it’s Howie Defranco and today the topic is Bullying: the story of an underdog. Ok I’m the type of guy that should’ve been bullied in high school, the complete stereotype, I was nerdy, chunky, weird, awkward, a momma’ boy, I didn’t drink or smoke, was basically a goody two shoes and always had my homework done. That was high school though in elementary school, there was this kid, for references sake let’s call him Biff, now Biff was a rider guy but he usually left me alone until one day he started calling me names. How I was in grade 5 so it was a big deal to me, you know I’d never had a bully before or anything so I went crying home to my mom and told her about him. She said I needed to stand up for myself.
Which I took to heart and came to school the next day, it was a bit before school and he came up and called me I think fatboy? I was 10 it’s hard to remember which name it was, but I flipped him off (first time I flipped anyone off) and walked away. He walked up behind me and punched me in the back of the head, so I turned around and started fighting him and I’m a pacifist but for the right reasons I’ll take a stand. So he’s kinda swiping at my head and I’m in close fighting like something from dragon ball cause that’s what I’ve seen fighting wise. Three of my classmates came and pulled me off, and I went straight to my teacher told him everything that happened. To which Biff and I were sent to the office and I was called the bully by the principal, to which both my teacher and mother said no he was standing up for himself.
That story makes me smile because I took a stand and said no more sand I’d like to think that’s why I wasn’t bullied after that. I’m not trying to encourage violence here but if your being bullied it’s like I said in my child abuse blog try to take a stand, try and if you can’t then get someone who can, that you trust to help you. For bullying is not right, even if your bullying someone because they bullied you, it’s diminishing someone else’s value. Who knows to that bully could become a friend, Biff and I did through high school, not close now but we respected each other.

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