Howie, Asks Where Are The Leaders?

Hey blog readers it’s me Howie Defranco and today we will be discussing a very serious and important topic. The 2016 American presidential election or as I think of it the lesser of two evils before I begin I’m not trying to push anyone to choose a side or trying to say anyone’s beliefs are wrong. In fact this is about something that needs to be said where are all the leaders? Despite your views and beliefs look at these two candidates a “businessman” and I use that term loosely on Donald and a power hungry trust less politician, who should’ve been the first woman president and a strong role model. Look at this campaign though it’s a battle of who can smear the other more, watch their debates if you disagree.  Ok I’m going to get this out of the way look at Donald first, yes he’s rich, his companies have also gone bankrupt 6 times I believe and he doesn’t pay taxes,  he doesn’t respect other cultures or woman.  I appreciate the fact he was once a strong figure, a long time ago and has managed to stay fairly in the limelight despite all of the above though, that takes a strong mind believe it or not.  Then Hilary who has been in politics for 30+ years now, the whole email breaking national security debacle is my biggest thing against her besides the fact she seems so power hungry, 2008 the race against Obama, she didn’t focus on issues as much as beating Obama and she got herself in a smear contest with Donald because she would rather beat him then win the election.

Hold on, hold on we’re talking about the next leader of one of the big 5 (China, Russia, U.K., America and France) these are who you chose between to represent and fix the problems of one of these countries? These 5 are the big 5 because they are the permanent members of the UN Security Council and right now I don’t even want to think about either of them being a part of that.

Back to the question at hand then where are all the leaders this year? I understand that some Americans feel like the Obama didn’t do or help much but Obama put plans in motion and it takes more time then he had to finish them. So after that though where back to the old saying “A good (person) can’t get elected president.”? Which is completely untrue, yes the Bushes, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Johnson, I think I missed one of the recent ones have not been the best leaders. In fact some of been down right horrible and betrayed their duties and turned America into a joke. Despite whatever the world thinks of it right now, America used to be the country of dreamers, and it used to stand for something, which is why it became so powerful. That of course in the eyes of the world went to America’s head power does corrupt but let’s not talk about that right now as that’s a stereotype. Most Americans are good people and are still dreamers, I’ve met a lot that I like, are hard workers and have strong beliefs most people would agree on.

They’re still inspired, they still look to the good men and women of the county’s history. Theodore Roosevelt, Freddy Roosevelt, John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Susan B. Anthony, Andrew Jackson, Eleanor Roosevelt. I could go on but where are they, the children that idolized these people. Why are they not taking a stand and saying this is ridiculous, neither of these too made you excited unless you’re looking forward to the press pieces about their quarrel. They don’t make you think America well be great again they make you worry if it’ll even be in one piece in January.

Where are the dreamers, the people that inspired me, the ones who made me believe good people could do anything no matter the odds.  Yes I’m Canadian but a lot of my heroes politically, spiritually and inspirationally speaking are Americans. “I have a dream” right?, That’s the line from one of the greatest and most influential speeches there ever was. You still have people this creative, this strong, this dignified that the people can trust not a man who has said he’ll be the second person ever to not accept the results had he lost or a woman who was accused of breaking national security and although has apologized and was kind of cleared, that’s not someone I would take as a leader, so where are they? At a time when this country seems to be reverting to base hate and fear complete with tensions between cops and people of color at a boiling point, people shooting up clubs of people that are from the LGBTQ community, creepy clowns running around, fear of imminent terrorist threats that can be absolutely irrational at times and 2 presidential candidates one who wants to build a wall and another who wants to hide behind it.

Where are the dreamers of America? Why aren’t they taking a stand to help their home, disregard the stereotypes and make the country the leaders they once were?

Dream On

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