Blog Schedule 

Now that the break we thought would give us enough time to sort out all our kinks and get our blogs rolling out quicker is over it is time to touch base with everyone.

First of all we are extremely greatful for everyone who continues to read our blogs. It means a lot to us to see people take their time to read what we have to say.

Secondly we have a lot of work still set out in front of us until everything is running smoothly and we are at the place we want to be at. With this we have decided that although we would like to resume putting out two blogs a week, it is still not possible for us to do so at this time.

We do sincerely apologize for the lack of blogs we put up and for not being able to uphold our decision to start putting two blogs a week out again in September.

Thank you for sticking by us, and thank you for reading our blogs.

We will still be posting a blog every Wednesday.


This Is Me Entirely

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