Howie Defranco on Insanity

Albert Einstein once defined insanity, as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, therefore sanity would be the opposite. Wouldn’t it? Sanity would be defined by one of the smartest people in our history as trying the same thing over and over again expecting the same result. It could also be doing something different every time expecting different results, which makes true sanity unobtainable. For despite all our differences and all our advancements, we are nothing more than creatures of habit, and we all at one point become complacent with insanity. It’s a weird thought but there’s no better way to talk about insanity then to state right off the bat that we’re all insane.
Hi I’m Howie Defranco and as you can tell I’m starting this blog a bit differently than my normal ones because we’re talking about insanity. There are two types of it in this world the first is above and we’re going to talk more about it and the other being less theoretical insanity more of the needs to talk to someone now before bad things happen. The second one of those is what you would use as a derogatory term for as my favourite definition goes “someone or something that doesn’t make sense to you.” It’s not necessarily crazy or outlandish it’s just not in your wheelhouse and it can lead to people being flamboyant or people turning out like well let’s say Joker (it’s an extreme example but entirely possible). The reason I combine the derogatory term with this definition is because those are the people you’d call insane most of the time.
People who have gained notary as insane like that really need help, whether it be therapy or just someone to talk to before things go bad and they need to open up to. After all insanity is just what can come of a mental disorder, depression, ptsd, schizophrenia to name just a few can lead to people becoming insane. I take you now to 1979 in San Diego where we have one of the most famous school shootings in the world. When a sixteen year old girl killed two people and injured eight more on a Monday morning, Brenda Spencer was tried as an adult for her actions and leading up to that she had been found to have trauma to her brain and it was suggested she had depression. During all of this though she was contacted as she hid in her own home by a reporter who asked her, why she was doing this. Her response was simply I don’t like Mondays. There have been plenty of shootings like this since and people like it need to be given help, so they can become members of society again.
Now let’s jump back to the theoretical insanity, you know the one that says we’re all insane. It’s true though we all are, just look at what we try to do every day. Reach our goals, whatever they may be most people continuously push through to reach a goal by doing the same thing over and over with no change to the results. How about just our interactions with people, most of the time no matter what result we want, we talk to them the same way we normally do and our disappointed when the result doesn’t change. You probably can think of more examples of these instances we are insane but you know what stinks to high heaven the fact there’s nothing we can do.
We’re going to be insane we’re gonna go out there and just try to change how we do things because there’s not much else we con do