Howie Defranco Talks Psychopaths

Hey blog readers, it’s me Howie Defranco and today our topic is Psychopaths. Now what is a psychopath well defines it as,
  “a person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure tolearn from experience, etc.”
Which is a very distinct definition from the derogatory term we use which is an insane, obsessive possibly violent person. Fairly different aren’t they, when you put it that way, well actually both ways you have an idea of both people in your head.
Person A: a not well adjusted member of society who seems to not want to be around other people, obsesses over themselves and can never learn.
Person B: Someone who is well frightening and unpredictable to you, examples would be a stalker or a psychotic person.
Which by the way is the proper term for person B not psychopath as a psychotic is the one who is dangerous. Psychopaths where as are more of an outsider to society than anything else, I know two in my life who have developed both in two very different ways.
One is a person who in high school was a very obsessive, methodical person, who acted like they had feeling for others. They made though every relationship about them, every plan about them and she did not give others a second thought usually. She acted and still does act like she’s the centre of the universe and she never learns no matter how many people leave her. As well she always believed everyone outside of a small group of people were always out to get her and that it was her against the world.
That’s one way a psychopath can turn out is a person who is stuck as one, I still hear about her every now and then and she hasn’t changed sadly, while my other example has.
In high school he was distant from everyone and more than anything concerned for himself over everyone else. He still doesn’t learn from his mistakes always having chose that his first idea is the best and to stubborn and self absorbed to listen to anyone else. Although nowadays he’s more open with people, he chooses to spend time with them, has a loving relationship and at heart is a good person. At the same time though he has a massive ego still that well is hard to bruise, unfortunately meaning he does not know much about bring humble.
If you identify as a psychopath, #1 don’t take it as an insult, it’s not and anyone who uses it as one is probably unaware of the difference. #2 try, just try every day, find a partner, make some friends, try thinking of others, or being humble. After all were just people