Ivybelle’s Life Goals

Life Goals

You know, I had to think about these life goals for a while because I wasn’t sure myself what I wanted out of life. However, after a lot of thinking I figured it out.

Here are some of my life goals;

• Become a musician: I know this might sound like a weird life goal but it’s something that I’ve been wanting since I was a kid. It’s something that I have to work really hard on. I know a lot of kids want to be a rock star when they get older, but today I’m an adult and I still have that goal. I’m working on taking some singing classes, guitar classes and saving up enough money so I can focus on my big goal in life.

• Help TIME get bigger: I really do want this organization to get bigger. Down the road I would love to say that I help people in any way possible and be able to go around to schools, work areas and etc., and keep building awareness. I would love to build shelters and travel the word and see what I can do to help. There is so much I want to do with this organization and I know it’s going to take a lot of work, especially financially.

• Be Happy: Happiness is something that I’ve been struggling for years to find. I really hope that one day I can learn to manage my depression and anxiety better so that I can be happy. It’s hard to either be worried about everything or not care at all and always being sad or angry. I do hope that one day I can find peace with myself, manage better and be happy. It’s something that I have to work hard for everyday whether it’s talking to a friend/family, going for walks, focusing on music or focusing on TIME.

• Being more patient: Patience is something I really need to work on; whether it’s with others or myself. Often, I get very impatient when I can’t get something right the first time or just in general. I lose patience when I have to wait after someone or etc. I think with by learning to slow down and accepting that everyone learns differently, with time I will be able to be patient. Growing up with a mother, who wasn’t very patient either, did not help.

• Inspire people: Ever since I was a kid, I would turn on TV and watch programs about kids who are in need and it would break my heart. I always knew I wanted to help the ones in need, whether it’s with self-harm, addiction, poverty, being homeless, mental health, etc. I’ve always hoped that my life story could inspire people to get help or inspire someone to help someone they know. One day I would love for someone to tell me “ hey, you inspire me to be a better person” or “ what you are doing is so inspiring to me”. Maybe it’s selfish for me to say, but knowing that I am doing something right makes me want to work harder. It makes me feel good to know that I CAN help someone.

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful. Keep Fighting.

Howie Defranco’s Favourite Video Game

Hey blog readers, it’s me Howie  Defranco and today is fun day and the topic is our favourite video games. Well look mine is a hard choice, I could say Arkham city for its well told story, I could say GTA V for its online aspect, I could say Pokemon for my sheer dedication over the last however long. None of those, though because it has to be the game I’ve played most, and have comeback to many times over the years, Kingdom Hearts 2. The first kingdom hearts was awesome don’t get me wrong but the second one was where the game hit its stride. So much so that that people still clamour to buy all the spin off games waiting for a true sequel, 11 years later now.
The game was incredible, combining a great story, with Disney characters and great gameplay that just drew you in. It’s a story I’ve played through maybe 30-40 times since the first time I picked it up because I just want to play it again, especially the battle for Hollow Bastion level. It was the best part because there’s a point in it when your team leaves you and your stuck fighting a thousand heartless alone and it’s purely a brave heart moment. Then there’s the song, Sanctuary, still one of my favourites today every time I hear it I just drift back into a simpler time when I’d play games all day long.

Madison Taylor’s Life Goals

My Life Goals
1) Make my family proud
2)Get married
3)Buy a house/land
4)Have more kids
5)Go back to school and get my masters in social work
7)Grow old with the one I love
8)Have grand-kids
9)Be happy

1)Make my family proud
No matter what I do in life I know that I will always struggle to achieve this goal because you’ll never know until the end whether or not you have succeeded.

2)Get married
Hey? who doesn’t want to get married some day or at least common law. just the chance to spend the rest of my life with someone I love. To me a wedding/marriage is more then just a ceremony, it’s a promise you make to your partner on the wedding day and the marriage is proof of your commitment and loyalty to your partner.

​3)Buy a house/land
I know that one day I would love to sit in our front yard and watch my children grow up, rather then a stuffy apartment.​

4)Have more kids
well I don’t want my son to be an only child forever I would like to give him at least 1 playmate.

5)Go back to school and get my masters in social work.
I’d love the chance to further my education and further my career.

Traveling would be amazing, seeing all the different types of cultures and life styles around the world.

7)Grow old with the one I love
I want to get the chance to grow old and
​the last two should be well easy to figure out.:)​​

Howie Defranco’s Life Goals

Hey blog readers, it’s me Howie Defranco and today our topic is perfect for me cause I’m still trying to figure them out. Life Goals are something everyone has and are the driving force in your life for almost if not all your decisions in life. Now everyone has at least one but might call it something different for example, their dreams. Dreams are life goals because everything is achievable believe it or not if you dedicate yourself to the idea of it. To be honest this blog is gonna go personal because how can you talk about life goals and not talk about your own.
As I see it life goals are divided into to two different aspects of life professional and personal. So let’s start with my professional life goals, at the moment they’re ever changing haha. When I was kid I dreamed of being the kid who became the greatest video game designer of all time, then in high school it became I want my name on a building. This was the driving point behind my post secondary ideas for school, first law so I could open my own firm, or accounting which once again could open my own firm. Then I found those didn’t interest me, so right now I’m trying to find a new goal in this aspect of life. It is going ok so far, still not sure what I want to do but that’s ok my life is pretty good right now and I’m happy where I am.
Which brings us to personal, in which my goal is very detailed and specific and has stepped. Step one find the girl, not the perfect girl the right girl the one that laughs at my dumb jokes, who I can make smile everyday, who I can hold when I feel lost and who can hold me when’s she’s sad. She’s out there somewhere waiting for me to find her but I just don’t know where to look still. Step two make her feel like she’s the most important person in my life everyday, marry her and continue making her feel that way, as well her hopefully making me feel the same. Step three make a home and start a family, with like a big family, I’ve always wanted a big one because well I love the idea. Step four grow old together.
Well that’s life goals everybody, whatever yours are fight for them. Fight to make them happen, make them special, make them your life. They drive you remember that, you can choose them but they must be able to drive you.

Lynn’s Favourite Food

To start things off, I’m going to say that I really like food in general. Eating it, cooking it (well trying to cook it in my case), you name it, I probably like it. This made picking a favourite food a bit of a challange for me, but I finally found my answer after doing things the hard way and taking a few factors into account. Taste, price, fufillment, and sentimentality. That last one may seem a little weird (well price too but hey we’ve always lived on a tight budget), but sentimentality was really the deciding factor in all this. Now I can say without a doubt what my favourite food is.

Slop. That’s what my favourite food is. Well we call it Slop, but it’s just rice mixed with mushroom soup and bits of cooked beef and optional peas or string beans. It’s pretty tasty and doesn’t take much effort or money to make, but what makes it my favourite food is the memories tied to it. Our first time eating it that I remember was with our dad in front of the T.V on those classic, metal fold out T.V trays. A simple memory, maybe, but a pleasant one none the less.

After that the dish was made more and more, much to our delight, yet it still had no name. Given it’s odd grey appreance and weird squishy slurpy sound when you scoop it onto your plate, we three young children decided on the perfect name. Thus, Slop became a family specialty. A simple, sentimental dish for a simple, sentimental person. Seems like it was meant to be my favourite, huh?

Marie favorite Superheros.

For superheroes I lean towards Superman and Thor. My love of Superman dates back to Smallville and when I would watch it with my father. I love the idea of how loyal he is to his human parents even though they are not biologically related to him. I love the back story of him and his drive to do the right thing. I love Thor due to the mythological background to him. My draw to both of them goes towards both of their morals and family beliefs. I also love the idea that they could be walking among us but could not be one of us. I find the fantasy aspect of superheroes enticing, the idea of other worldly beings existing, fascinating. The idea that their powers cannot be bought or taught is cool, that they are not just boys with their toys or had gone through years of training.  No instead that these are powers they’re born with.

Side note: Batman is not a ninja.

Stay geeky lovies,

Marie Olsson xx