Lynn’s favorite book genre

When I was in school, I really didn’t like doing book reports. The thought of reading for work instead of enjoyment really put me off, so I just didn’t do any of them. My mom and teacher, however, really didn’t like that and neither did my grade, so we can to an agreement that if I did at least one book report that term, my teacher would disregard my incomplete ones. Naturally I agreed and picked the smallest book off of my mom’s bookshelf, seeing as I didn’t have many books of my own.

The title was “A Murder in E Minor” by Robert Goldsborough. Since it was a small book, I thought I’d give it a bit of my time and be done with it. Hours later, at about 2 a.m., I was still awake, reading and getting myself involved deeper. I couldn’t put the book down, I was loving every minute of sleep I lost. I swore to myself I would finish the book that night. The text was actually quite small, which made the book a lot longer than it appeared and obviously I failed, but I was right back into it the next morning.

That’s what I love about mysteries. They make you feel involved. They take you on a puzzle filled adventure and just when you think you’ve got it, they throw you for a loop and keep you on your toes. Personally, it doesn’t feel like I’m wasting my time “just reading some book” and makes me use my head, keeping my mind at work even away from the book. I really like the mystery genre more than I can say and I really wish it was a bit more mainstream. It’s really hard to find a good mystery these days…