Madison Taylor’s Life Goals

My Life Goals
1) Make my family proud
2)Get married
3)Buy a house/land
4)Have more kids
5)Go back to school and get my masters in social work
7)Grow old with the one I love
8)Have grand-kids
9)Be happy

1)Make my family proud
No matter what I do in life I know that I will always struggle to achieve this goal because you’ll never know until the end whether or not you have succeeded.

2)Get married
Hey? who doesn’t want to get married some day or at least common law. just the chance to spend the rest of my life with someone I love. To me a wedding/marriage is more then just a ceremony, it’s a promise you make to your partner on the wedding day and the marriage is proof of your commitment and loyalty to your partner.

​3)Buy a house/land
I know that one day I would love to sit in our front yard and watch my children grow up, rather then a stuffy apartment.​

4)Have more kids
well I don’t want my son to be an only child forever I would like to give him at least 1 playmate.

5)Go back to school and get my masters in social work.
I’d love the chance to further my education and further my career.

Traveling would be amazing, seeing all the different types of cultures and life styles around the world.

7)Grow old with the one I love
I want to get the chance to grow old and
​the last two should be well easy to figure out.:)​​


Howie Defranco’s Life Goals

Hey blog readers, it’s me Howie Defranco and today our topic is perfect for me cause I’m still trying to figure them out. Life Goals are something everyone has and are the driving force in your life for almost if not all your decisions in life. Now everyone has at least one but might call it something different for example, their dreams. Dreams are life goals because everything is achievable believe it or not if you dedicate yourself to the idea of it. To be honest this blog is gonna go personal because how can you talk about life goals and not talk about your own.
As I see it life goals are divided into to two different aspects of life professional and personal. So let’s start with my professional life goals, at the moment they’re ever changing haha. When I was kid I dreamed of being the kid who became the greatest video game designer of all time, then in high school it became I want my name on a building. This was the driving point behind my post secondary ideas for school, first law so I could open my own firm, or accounting which once again could open my own firm. Then I found those didn’t interest me, so right now I’m trying to find a new goal in this aspect of life. It is going ok so far, still not sure what I want to do but that’s ok my life is pretty good right now and I’m happy where I am.
Which brings us to personal, in which my goal is very detailed and specific and has stepped. Step one find the girl, not the perfect girl the right girl the one that laughs at my dumb jokes, who I can make smile everyday, who I can hold when I feel lost and who can hold me when’s she’s sad. She’s out there somewhere waiting for me to find her but I just don’t know where to look still. Step two make her feel like she’s the most important person in my life everyday, marry her and continue making her feel that way, as well her hopefully making me feel the same. Step three make a home and start a family, with like a big family, I’ve always wanted a big one because well I love the idea. Step four grow old together.
Well that’s life goals everybody, whatever yours are fight for them. Fight to make them happen, make them special, make them your life. They drive you remember that, you can choose them but they must be able to drive you.

Marie Talks: Self-Care Pt. 2

For my self-care I went to see deadpool with my boyfriend. Which was a perfect break as we don’t get to go out and do things very often. As well as going on drives with my boyfriend, Ivybelle, or Brian, which is a perfect way for me to blow off steam and just relax.  I have made the effort to make time to just relax and hang out with my parents, which is something in life that’s easy to forget to make time for.  I have made time as well to read three books, listen to music and play with my cat.

Self-care being scheduled into your day to day life is something I personally believe is a crucial aspect in life. Some forms of self care include:

  • Take a hot shower/bath
  • Cuddle with a pet
  • Listen to music
  • Go out to eat
  • Watch a movie, snuggle up and get comfy
  • Craft
  • Walk your dog
  • Try a new activity
  • Go for a drive somewhere new
  • Read
  • Meditate
  • Journal
  • Cry
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Sleep
  • Go out with a friend
  • etc.

Stay Lovely Lovies and take care of yourself,
Marie Olsson xx

Madison on Harassment

Like always here is the definition of Harassment off of

Harassment: To disturb persistently; torment, as with trouble or care; bother continually; pester; persecute.

Harassment can go many different ways from discrimination, prejudice, sexism, religious views, to sexual. There are a bunch of different ways I could talk about harassment and all of them lead people to trouble or even charges if you are the harasser. I believe if you’re going through any type of harassment you should speak up and tell someone because no one deserves to be treated that way. There is also a big difference between bugging/ annoyed by a friend, co-worker or stranger and being harassed by one. The biggest difference is if they stop when you ask them to stop, a respectable friend or co-worker nine times out of 10 would stop if you asked. But if it’s to the point where you getting physically or verbally abused and you are afraid to talk to them about it then you may need to talk to someone.

The most common place harassment is seen is in a work place setting, so today I’ll talk a little about workplace harassment. They first type of harassment we are going to talk about is verbal harassment. The most common example of that is using offensive language basted on the gender, like calling a female by the female dog’s name. Or talking down on someone like constantly calling them “stupid” or an “idiot”. In a work place that is highly frowned upon. I also wanted to show a few side effects I found of Verbal abuse/harassment in a work place:

  • Physical change in blood pressure.
  • Loss of desire to pursue once enjoyable activity.
  • Feeling of guilt because they are under the belief that they are causing the bad vide at work.

Another type of harassment is physical. All works places have some sort of rule against physical violence, so that staff can feel safe and you should when you are at work. So physical harassment is when a co-worker uses force against another worker that could or does cause injury. It can also link up with sexual harassment but I do not want to talk too much on that because we will be having a full separate blog on that coming soon. Marie and Lynn will have that out for you in a couple months, so defiantly come check that out when the time comes.

Make sure if you ever have any questions about any type of harassment all ways feel free to ask, or there is also a lot of good information on that is where I got the information for this blog from. Also a handy tip to keep yourself and your co-worker safe is to write thing down as soon and accrete as you can (time, date, witnesses, and situation in as much detail as you can).it will help cover your butt in the long run, it has for me working as a youth worker.

I have been in a situation were a lot of verbal harassment took place. It was not a fun place to work and I dreaded every shift. I worked there for 2.5 years before leaving, not including the year maternity accutully go worse after I got pregnant, staff started calling rude names that I will not say on here (but you can use your imagination, I was in fact a teen parent) and I got blamed for thing I could not help.  I was between 5 and 6 months pregnant  when I got a write up for taking to many pee breaks. I remember getting really frustrated at myself because I already had a weak blatter to begin with, but I paid the price for not speaking up for myself or tell anyone because I ended up with a really bad track infection from trying to hold everything in at work. I all so fell off of two ladders while I was pregnant, now that situation was weird cause my supervisor yelled at me till I got up the ladder then yelled at me again for falling off. It was a frustrating part of my life but I got through it. I ended up telling my head boss everything that was going on three weeks before I left that job, I ended up transferring somewhere closer to home. I was happier there I got along with everyone and I stayed there until I enrolled in college.


Leave  a comment down below if you have any question, comments. Leave a star if you liked it, I’d love to hear from you guys.


“You cannot feel Happiness without pain, you also can’t feel excitement without disappointment.”


Madison Talks About The Difference between Feminism and Equality

To be totally honest I do not really know how to write this blog on feminism, because I’m not a feminist. I do not fully agree with what feminism stands for now, I did in the beginning when they were trying to promote female equality; but now to me it feels like they are doing more male bashing and giving females more power over males. The point I’m trying to make is that I’m not too clear on what feminism is anymore. I’m a equalist , I’m more for equality for both males and females; but yet I still like being treated like the female I am.  Yes I know that may sound wrong but I love when my fiancé hold’s the door open for me or pays for our date. The typical stuff that males do, yes I understand that female’s can do it too, but I don’t.  That’s something that only happens in my relationship and I don’t expect people to do it too because that’s the way I want it.

When it comes to equality I don’t think my partner should have to bring home all the money and pay all the bills, I enjoy going to work and having money that is mine. My fiancé and I have split the big bills up, such as he pays for the car and I pay the rent. Same with house cleaning, mind you I’m not really good at it but hey who’s judging. I maintain the living room and bathroom he has the kitchen and the bed rooms. It’s all a part of what he can do, I can do and what I can do, he can do. There needs to be that healthy balance between the two or nothing would get done. I lived in a house hold where my father would make us wait until our mother came home from work to feed us dinner, and sometimes she was off at midnight, so we were waiting a while but in his mind it was the women’s job. In my house it’s whoever is there feeds the kids, funny thing is my fiancé is a better cook then I am. Also I heard this all the time when my mom would ask my dad if he could help with the kids, and my dad would tell her that it was her job. You see that a lot going back in our history where the male brought in the income and the female did everything else. That though is  also how he was raised, he is a lot better now, my mother talked some sense into him finally.

​Yes I know people are going to say that there is no difference between equality and feminism but there is. I’ll give you the definition I got off of

Feminism: an organized movement for the attainment of such rights for women.

Equality: the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability.

The biggest difference is that equality fights for both male and female’s rights rather than just females. Yes I believe there should be female doctors but why can’t there be a male nurse, or yes there can be a female gardener but not a male house cleaner. Male’s need just as much support as females do and that’s why I’m on the side of equality. Now if you’re a feminist, keep fighting but also remember males do need help too sometimes, they are just too stubborn to ask for it sometimes.

I hope you guys liked my blog. Leave a comment down below if you have any questions or comments. I love hearing from you guys.

“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”
-By Audrey Hepburn

-Madison Taylor

Howie, A Male View of Feminism

Hey blog readers, it’s Howie Defranco and today we’re going to talk all about feminism. Let me be clear I’m an equalist (yes autocorrect that is a word), in that sense therefore I believe in a version of feminism for as I see it there are 2 versions. The first being the one I believe in being the original which was about the genders being equal in every sense. The second version which has formed only recently, is less about equality and women’s rights and more about hate towards the opposite gender. Turning a once strong word into what feels like a form of sexism, for those of you who disagree with that, I ask you to read keep reading until the end.

It just feels like lately feminism has become a platform for hate towards men, and about putting women’s rights above men. Now the acts that show this range from, the National organization for Women and other groups standing against shared parenting for divorced families to the hashtag #killallmen. I’m a man and I like to think I’ve done right by the women in my life, I don’t really appreciate hearing that even exists. Despite the fact the basis of feminism groups is equality, groups that preach it actively work to undermine or exclude the rights and stories of men. Men can be raped too, men can be good single parents, men can be discriminated against, we’re people too.

Feminism, true feminism was a good thing, it was based on the idea of evening the scales so that everyone was equal not so woman could become better then men. The fight for the right to vote, Norma Rae’s fight for worker’s rights, and modern stuff like free the five or free the nipple are good examples of what good feminism can do. As in this day and age, the right to equality is an ongoing battle for all genders and these are little things that are just trying to help women be free. Which is completely the right thing but the part that’s gone extreme, that’s made the Internet, laugh at feminism is not real feminism.

To all those of you who think feminism is about man hating your wrong, but also to those thinking that feminism in its current state is good, well you’re wrong too. If feminist groups were to renounce some of their actions and remove some of the hate maybe it could be something noble again. For now though I don’t appreciate someone who puts hate into this world under the guise of equality. Today there are no longer just two genders at least in my mind, so first off we need to stop acting like their is and second we need to accept and work with them. These so called feminists don’t seem to respect that ideal.

Blog Updates

Hello! Hope Everyone had a wonderful holidays and a Happy New Year! 

We’re trying something new for this year concerning our blogs. We want to open up time for us to work more on building TIME as a potential organisation, which means we have to mak sacrifices elsewhere to make room for other work. Last year we did a lot of fiddling with when our blogs will be posted and we decided on something new for this year.

We will now be posting blogs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays of every week. Hope you enjoy our blogs, dont be afraid to leave comments and/or questions.


the This Is Me Entirely team.

Madison: Stereotypes of Youth Homelessness

There are sadly lots of stereotypes around youth homelessness. So fist like always I’ll give you the definition of homelessness from
Homelessness: “persons who lack permanent housing.”
All homeless youth are heavy drug users;

As a youth worker I work with a lot of homeless youth. I say about 80% of the youth I’ve encountered haven’t even touched any drugs or smoke weed in their spare time. A lot of the youth I’ve worked with are really good kids just in a bad situation. Just like the homeless adult not all of them are on drugs.

There can’t be a homeless crisis because I don’t see that many youth living on the streets or in parks;

​That’s because not many youth do, they either try for a shelter, a friend’s house or somewhere isolated and can’t be found. It’s safer for them that way. Because some youth are only 14 when they go to the streets it’s not safe for them to be out in the open sleeping, they would be an open target that way. Also just because you can’t see a crisis happening around you doesn’t mean it’s not going on. There is a lot more homeless then we think out there and not enough resources to help.


​Very few of the homeless youth population are runaways otherwise a missing person report would be filled and the youth would be brought home. Most youth are either custody of the ministry or have been kicked out of their homes. Most runaways only stay out for a couple of days and then return home 2-5 days later and never really become homeless. Because there is still a home for them to go back to, which sadly some youth don’t have and find safety in a shelter or with a friend.

Homeless youth are scruffy, smelly, criminals who couldn’t care less about their communities;

​Most youth who are homeless aren’t, most still attend school and some even have part time jobs to help pay for their necessities. But yes some youth who can’t find shelter will tend to be a bit scruffy or smelly. But just like other youth they still do care about there hygiene, because hey who wants to go up to their friends smelling like a pig. Most youth will respect the community as long as the community stops putting negative stigmas on the youth. As a youth myself I’d walk into a store and I’d have the cashier either tell me to leave and to come back with an adult or follow me around the store until I left. I myself worked 6 days a week I had the money to buy what I wanted but because I was a youth I was automatically a thief and could not be trusted. I remember once when I was 13 my mom asked me to pick up the groceries while she went across the street to get gas. The cashier made me empty my purse and pockets before she would ring in anything, I was shocked, my mom gave me a $100 for 4 things if I wanted something I would of just bought it, the bill only came to $35. Let’s just say my dad started screaming when he found out and they tried to tell him it was protocol.

I hope you guys liked my blog. Leave a comment down below if you have any questions or comments. I love hearing from you guys.

“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”
-By Audrey Hepburn

-Madison Taylor

Ivy Belle and Brian

Due to unforeseen personal issues, unfortunately Ivy Belle and Brian will no longer be posting blogs. We have appreciated everything they have contributed to this site and towards the building of the group. We wish them both well on all of their future adventures and are sad to no longer have them on our team.

The This Is Me Entirely team

Howie Discusses Suicide

Hey blog readers, it’s Howie Defranco and this blog is going to be talking about suicide. I was gonna start this blog off talking about different feelings that can lead to suicidal thought, and what causes those feelings. When you look at it all though it all boils down to the fact you see no other way, then to release yourself from this life. Speaking from experience it felt like I was drowning, and there was a force that every time I tried to pull myself away from it, it pulled me deeper down into an abyss. Mine stemmed from feelings of loneliness, isolation and rejection, I’m not going to retell that story it’s all in my blog about depression. At the point where I was about to do it though, the reason I didn’t was because, my phone went off and it just kept ringing in the background.

Before I continue with the story though, let’s just talk about some of the causes for that feeling that leads a person to consider suicide. Firstly it can be caused by a few different medical reasons including mental disorders, including but not limited to, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and anxiety. Any psychological trauma can bring those thoughts out, whether those be from abuse, or PTSD. Of course a number of causes are also from the societal front, isolation, bullying, genetics, only being a few among them. No matter what though that feeling of being unable to escape, not able to cope is there and is overwhelming.

Personally at this point in my life, I have found one reason and only one reason where I can see suicide as an answer. As I’ve come to see there is always another way, another road, another choice to take. If though you have a disease, an ailment that would end your life painfully, or worse have your mind degrade and you wish to end it rain her than suffer through that. That I can understand, but when you’re not at that point then you can always find a way to fix your life, it takes time sometimes and sometimes it just takes a moment to think of a reason that you need to be around the next day, and the next day and the day after that.

The phone just kept ringing and ringing, that night I had no idea who it was at that moment. When it started ringing though, I froze I couldn’t go through with it. I started remembering a scene from Lethal Weapon when Riggs holds his gun up to his head, with his special hollow bullet that go clean straight through. How he doesn’t pull the trigger, how when his partner confronts him about whether he’s suicidal or not he says every day I find another reason not to pull the trigger. To me that first day was the phone ringing it was just a friend wanting to see if I was doing ok, but I took it as a sign. Every day for a while after I’d look for a reason not to put that razor against my wrists and pull my arteries out and live for the next day.

Since that day I’ve had 2 friends in my life who committed suicide, one of whom I didn’t find out about for a few months and still don’t know her story. The other was very saddening, I will not even give her a fake name out of respect, we had all left for summer vacation at the end of grade 11, assuming we’d see each other in September. When September came round though she was nowhere to be seen, she was still registered though and they’d call her name out in class. After a few weeks the police found a body matching her description, none of us were expecting that. I tried to go to her funeral but sadly was given the wrong address and since I was bussing spent the day lost in Surrey. A day later though.. Actually wait, you need to know all this was going on at the same time of the whole Amanda Todd thing. Someone I knew about a day later was saying how weak she was, and making fun of her for committing suicide, saying that he gets bullied every day you don’t see him posting it all over the Internet and killing himself and so on. I looked him dead in the eye and said, would you also say it was weak of my 2 friends to commit suicide? How about the fact I have more than thought about it? Are we weak for it? He stopped talking after that.

I’ve become very respectful of life since then I think it’s incredibly precious, and that everyone deserves a chance at it. No one is weak for committing suicide or thinking about it. If you do feel that way though, talk to people, talk to your loved ones don’t look yourself up in those feelings. Always look for a reason to live the next day.

Lynn’s Favourite Food

To start things off, I’m going to say that I really like food in general. Eating it, cooking it (well trying to cook it in my case), you name it, I probably like it. This made picking a favourite food a bit of a challange for me, but I finally found my answer after doing things the hard way and taking a few factors into account. Taste, price, fufillment, and sentimentality. That last one may seem a little weird (well price too but hey we’ve always lived on a tight budget), but sentimentality was really the deciding factor in all this. Now I can say without a doubt what my favourite food is.

Slop. That’s what my favourite food is. Well we call it Slop, but it’s just rice mixed with mushroom soup and bits of cooked beef and optional peas or string beans. It’s pretty tasty and doesn’t take much effort or money to make, but what makes it my favourite food is the memories tied to it. Our first time eating it that I remember was with our dad in front of the T.V on those classic, metal fold out T.V trays. A simple memory, maybe, but a pleasant one none the less.

After that the dish was made more and more, much to our delight, yet it still had no name. Given it’s odd grey appreance and weird squishy slurpy sound when you scoop it onto your plate, we three young children decided on the perfect name. Thus, Slop became a family specialty. A simple, sentimental dish for a simple, sentimental person. Seems like it was meant to be my favourite, huh?

Marie’s Favourite Food

Honestly I love many different kinds of foods and when asked I will tell you that a lot of foods are my favourite. However there are some foods I absolutely love and am absolutely always in the mood for.  Sushi has to be one of my absolute favourite foods and I can’t get sick of it. I love calamari and greek salad, theres nothing better on a nice night out with my family. I am in love with Yorkshire pudding, turkey pot pie and veggie stir-fries with tofu but they have to be homemade. I adore a good salad and am more then content to have one at any point in the day, even for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a day. I love a spinach and feta lasagna but cannot stand a traditional one with tomato, beef and cheese. I love the flavours and textures of a veggie burger and prefer it over a meat patty.
I like sweets but in moderation, I prefer tart or delicate flavours. I love cheesecake, preferably with a fruit to enhance the flavours. I love chocolate, but prefer dark over milk chocolate and in small helpings. I adore caramel, I think this is the only sweet I can overindulge in and not regret it. I love pumpkin pies, butter tarts, crème brûlée and rhubarb with custard.

Stay Loud. Stay Proud. Love Food Lovies,
Marie Olsson xx

Marie favorite Superheros.

For superheroes I lean towards Superman and Thor. My love of Superman dates back to Smallville and when I would watch it with my father. I love the idea of how loyal he is to his human parents even though they are not biologically related to him. I love the back story of him and his drive to do the right thing. I love Thor due to the mythological background to him. My draw to both of them goes towards both of their morals and family beliefs. I also love the idea that they could be walking among us but could not be one of us. I find the fantasy aspect of superheroes enticing, the idea of other worldly beings existing, fascinating. The idea that their powers cannot be bought or taught is cool, that they are not just boys with their toys or had gone through years of training.  No instead that these are powers they’re born with.

Side note: Batman is not a ninja.

Stay geeky lovies,

Marie Olsson xx

Lynn’s favorite book genre

When I was in school, I really didn’t like doing book reports. The thought of reading for work instead of enjoyment really put me off, so I just didn’t do any of them. My mom and teacher, however, really didn’t like that and neither did my grade, so we can to an agreement that if I did at least one book report that term, my teacher would disregard my incomplete ones. Naturally I agreed and picked the smallest book off of my mom’s bookshelf, seeing as I didn’t have many books of my own.

The title was “A Murder in E Minor” by Robert Goldsborough. Since it was a small book, I thought I’d give it a bit of my time and be done with it. Hours later, at about 2 a.m., I was still awake, reading and getting myself involved deeper. I couldn’t put the book down, I was loving every minute of sleep I lost. I swore to myself I would finish the book that night. The text was actually quite small, which made the book a lot longer than it appeared and obviously I failed, but I was right back into it the next morning.

That’s what I love about mysteries. They make you feel involved. They take you on a puzzle filled adventure and just when you think you’ve got it, they throw you for a loop and keep you on your toes. Personally, it doesn’t feel like I’m wasting my time “just reading some book” and makes me use my head, keeping my mind at work even away from the book. I really like the mystery genre more than I can say and I really wish it was a bit more mainstream. It’s really hard to find a good mystery these days…

Madison view on Hero’s

When it comes to a hero I don’t really have a favorite. I have always been more of a DC girl over marvel. Also picking favourites has never been my strong point because I love everything. If I go with my son’s favourite, I’d be his number 1 hero, but going comic and cartoon based. My son Daniel is 4 and his favourites are Batman, The Flash, Hulk and Superman. So I’m going to take this blog, and use it for explaining my feelings towards them because I see them all the time.

I’ll start with Batman because he’s always been one of my top favourite. Well for one he’s rich and has all these cool gadgets that can magically fit on his belt. As well as this mysterious personality that makes it so you can’t quiet tell what he is thinking. The one thing my son loves about Batman is his Batmoble, and the way he fights. And come on who doesn’t like the batmoblie or any of his other cool vehicles.

Next is Hulk, ok you probably think this is silly but remember he’s 4 and his favorite colour is green and what colour is the hulk yah all green. I also think its so cute watching him walk around the house screaming Hulk smash, even though it comes out more like Hawk smash but it’s cute.

Then there is the Flash, I personally find him adorable. He has this fun loving, easygoing type of personality that reminds me a lot of my child hood. I would also enjoy having the super speed because, come on I wouldn’t have to have a car and would save a lot of money on gas. Then again I wouldn’t like my child having that power, because I already have troubles keeping up with him.

Last hero is superman, and who doesn’t like superman. He’s pretty much a super human from another planet. Like come on he can fly, shoot lazors from his eyes, freeze thing with his breath and his superstrenght. I believe he’s the typical hero that we would want in the real world.

Though are my sons favorite and a little on my opinion on them. Leave me a comment let me know who your favorite Hero is. Also follow us for more blogs on different topic, we would always love to hear from you.