Marie Talks: Why She’s Not a Feminist

This week’s topic is feminism, which is a great thing, however I am an equalist. I believe regardless of race, sex, culture, intellect, disabilities, orientation, social status, or beliefs etc, that everyone should have equal rights, privileges and opportunities in social and work environments.

I used to refer to myself as a feminist, as I was huge on equal rights for men and women. However in today’s society equal rights for men and women still leaves a lot of inequality for many others. Where equal rights for men and women is a good start, as a society we also need to work on the rights and our treatment towards those who don’t fit into the ‘standard’ two genders. We need equality for people in the transgendered, gender fluid and Intersex communities just to name a few.

I believe that not only do we need a term that includes more then just females, we need to focus on all humans having equal rights. I find equality better fits my beliefs than feminism does. I have nothing against those who identify as feminists or what they stand for. I respect feminists and what they stand for and applaud what they are working to achieve. It is solely a personal preference that I believe equalism is a better cause to fight towards.

Feminism: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities
: organized activity in support of women’s rights and interests

Equalism: Any of several forms of egalitarianism (advocacy of equality) concerned with establishing sexual, racial, class or other equality.



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Madison Talks About The Difference between Feminism and Equality

To be totally honest I do not really know how to write this blog on feminism, because I’m not a feminist. I do not fully agree with what feminism stands for now, I did in the beginning when they were trying to promote female equality; but now to me it feels like they are doing more male bashing and giving females more power over males. The point I’m trying to make is that I’m not too clear on what feminism is anymore. I’m a equalist , I’m more for equality for both males and females; but yet I still like being treated like the female I am.  Yes I know that may sound wrong but I love when my fiancé hold’s the door open for me or pays for our date. The typical stuff that males do, yes I understand that female’s can do it too, but I don’t.  That’s something that only happens in my relationship and I don’t expect people to do it too because that’s the way I want it.

When it comes to equality I don’t think my partner should have to bring home all the money and pay all the bills, I enjoy going to work and having money that is mine. My fiancé and I have split the big bills up, such as he pays for the car and I pay the rent. Same with house cleaning, mind you I’m not really good at it but hey who’s judging. I maintain the living room and bathroom he has the kitchen and the bed rooms. It’s all a part of what he can do, I can do and what I can do, he can do. There needs to be that healthy balance between the two or nothing would get done. I lived in a house hold where my father would make us wait until our mother came home from work to feed us dinner, and sometimes she was off at midnight, so we were waiting a while but in his mind it was the women’s job. In my house it’s whoever is there feeds the kids, funny thing is my fiancé is a better cook then I am. Also I heard this all the time when my mom would ask my dad if he could help with the kids, and my dad would tell her that it was her job. You see that a lot going back in our history where the male brought in the income and the female did everything else. That though is  also how he was raised, he is a lot better now, my mother talked some sense into him finally.

​Yes I know people are going to say that there is no difference between equality and feminism but there is. I’ll give you the definition I got off of

Feminism: an organized movement for the attainment of such rights for women.

Equality: the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability.

The biggest difference is that equality fights for both male and female’s rights rather than just females. Yes I believe there should be female doctors but why can’t there be a male nurse, or yes there can be a female gardener but not a male house cleaner. Male’s need just as much support as females do and that’s why I’m on the side of equality. Now if you’re a feminist, keep fighting but also remember males do need help too sometimes, they are just too stubborn to ask for it sometimes.

I hope you guys liked my blog. Leave a comment down below if you have any questions or comments. I love hearing from you guys.

“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”
-By Audrey Hepburn

-Madison Taylor

Howie, A Male View of Feminism

Hey blog readers, it’s Howie Defranco and today we’re going to talk all about feminism. Let me be clear I’m an equalist (yes autocorrect that is a word), in that sense therefore I believe in a version of feminism for as I see it there are 2 versions. The first being the one I believe in being the original which was about the genders being equal in every sense. The second version which has formed only recently, is less about equality and women’s rights and more about hate towards the opposite gender. Turning a once strong word into what feels like a form of sexism, for those of you who disagree with that, I ask you to read keep reading until the end.

It just feels like lately feminism has become a platform for hate towards men, and about putting women’s rights above men. Now the acts that show this range from, the National organization for Women and other groups standing against shared parenting for divorced families to the hashtag #killallmen. I’m a man and I like to think I’ve done right by the women in my life, I don’t really appreciate hearing that even exists. Despite the fact the basis of feminism groups is equality, groups that preach it actively work to undermine or exclude the rights and stories of men. Men can be raped too, men can be good single parents, men can be discriminated against, we’re people too.

Feminism, true feminism was a good thing, it was based on the idea of evening the scales so that everyone was equal not so woman could become better then men. The fight for the right to vote, Norma Rae’s fight for worker’s rights, and modern stuff like free the five or free the nipple are good examples of what good feminism can do. As in this day and age, the right to equality is an ongoing battle for all genders and these are little things that are just trying to help women be free. Which is completely the right thing but the part that’s gone extreme, that’s made the Internet, laugh at feminism is not real feminism.

To all those of you who think feminism is about man hating your wrong, but also to those thinking that feminism in its current state is good, well you’re wrong too. If feminist groups were to renounce some of their actions and remove some of the hate maybe it could be something noble again. For now though I don’t appreciate someone who puts hate into this world under the guise of equality. Today there are no longer just two genders at least in my mind, so first off we need to stop acting like their is and second we need to accept and work with them. These so called feminists don’t seem to respect that ideal.