Howie on The Death Penalty

Hey Blog readers, it’s Howie Defranco and today’s topic is the death penalty. Let me start by saying that although I have some very strong views on some types of criminals, I think the death penalty is an inhumane answer to the problem. Mind you in Canada it is already abolished, but it still goes on in parts of the world including are neighbours down south. Which oddly enough in recent years polls say the amount of people in both countries is very close, scary thought if they ever tried to reintroduce it.
Could you please now close your eyes for a minute and imagine a dark room, no windows barely any light that you’ve been in for years. There’s a person there with you a religious figure giving you your last conversation, your then taken away to another room. A room where your put on an ice cold metallic table. Their are men strapping you down to this table, your legs, your wrists and one on your forehead. You feel something brushing against the skin of your arm, you start to cry as you know it’s coming, cry because your innocent, you know you are but the world thinks you committed an atrocity. You’ll never get to see your family again, or see the light of day, that’s when you feel the prick and drift. Drift into endless slumber…

That is the “humane” way of caring out the sentence assuming that nothing goes wrong, the man with the needle, probably not a nurse or a doctor as most medical professionals refuse to take part. Hopefully he has actually gotten the vein. That’s right ladies and gents most executions like this aren’t carried out by some with a medical degree or much training. This is far from the worst practices for carrying out capital punishment, shooting, hanging, electrocutions, they all still happen not necessarily in the states mind you but it’s the 21st century and we’re still here.  Still living with the concept of eye for an eye. What if the “criminal” is innocent, and you’ve just taken a life for no reason, or they just made a mistake? Is it fair they pay the ultimate price? Yes ok their are a lot of crimes that are unforgivable, sexual assault, murder, pedophillia , terrorism but hey lets just break our own laws and kill them back. Yes it might be legal but it’s a giant double standard smacking the world in the face, if they don’t have the right to take lives, hurt lives, attack the world, what right do we have to take their life?

The answer is simple we do not as race have the right to take urine and call it grandma’s peach iced tea. Criminals should pay their time and be rehabilitated or continue to be confined, because we can’t kill them all. Sure it starts with capital punishment for the big crimes, then hey why don’t we do it for all crime and end it, then we’re living in some 1984 and Gattaca merged world were people are tortured for even the slightest misstep and people are trying to make perfect humans.  I may have gone quite far with that train of thought but the point is where is the line, when does it end. We stoop to their level and were no better than the criminals and terrorists whose lives were taking. Can anyone say differently? Can anyone really say there’s a difference between a law that contradicts another law but is somehow ok and that law it contradicts?