Lynn’s Favourite Food

To start things off, I’m going to say that I really like food in general. Eating it, cooking it (well trying to cook it in my case), you name it, I probably like it. This made picking a favourite food a bit of a challange for me, but I finally found my answer after doing things the hard way and taking a few factors into account. Taste, price, fufillment, and sentimentality. That last one may seem a little weird (well price too but hey we’ve always lived on a tight budget), but sentimentality was really the deciding factor in all this. Now I can say without a doubt what my favourite food is.

Slop. That’s what my favourite food is. Well we call it Slop, but it’s just rice mixed with mushroom soup and bits of cooked beef and optional peas or string beans. It’s pretty tasty and doesn’t take much effort or money to make, but what makes it my favourite food is the memories tied to it. Our first time eating it that I remember was with our dad in front of the T.V on those classic, metal fold out T.V trays. A simple memory, maybe, but a pleasant one none the less.

After that the dish was made more and more, much to our delight, yet it still had no name. Given it’s odd grey appreance and weird squishy slurpy sound when you scoop it onto your plate, we three young children decided on the perfect name. Thus, Slop became a family specialty. A simple, sentimental dish for a simple, sentimental person. Seems like it was meant to be my favourite, huh?

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